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Tandra Page 1522, Fooling The People

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

“Honest” Abe Lincoln is reported to have said, “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.” Apparently the Lincoln Myth Keepers are convinced they can arrange a pack of lies so that Americans will be fooled about the real facts concerning “Honest” Abe Lincoln “all the time” and forever.

I don’t remember when it was I became personally disenchanted with the Lincoln Myth. A good part of my hostility came when my Civics Teacher in grade eight explained the frankly illegal and criminal acts in which “Honest” Abe engaged to destroy the South. In actual fact, Miss Dixie Lewis did not condemn “Honest” Abe for his un-Constitutional Crimes nor for initiating the slaughter of a quarter million Americans in his campaign to retain and enhance his power. Miss Dixie fed her class the traditional line that “the end justifies the means”. Miss Dixie made claim that “Honest” Abe’s nullification of the First Amendment, his war against women and children, his unbridled grab for unprecedented power was necessary to achieve the greater good, the preservation of the Union by raw and bloody force. And, of course, “Honest” Abe liberated the Black Man. We must never forget that because the Lincoln Myth Keepers will never allow us to. It was by the liberation of the Black Man that War Criminal “Honest” Abe achieved sainthood.

Contrary to Miss Dixie Lee’s claims of “Honest” Abe’s deity, I was not buying it. As I saw it, a murderer is a murderer and a butcher is a butcher and a power hungry war criminal is still a power hungry war criminal no matter his lofty objectives.

In 1860 the tide of civilization was against slavery. The Industrial Revolution had made slavery obsolete. Slavery was no longer cost effective. A true saint and a true compassionate statesman who wished for the freedom of all men everywhere would have looked for a way to achieve liberty for the Black Man that did not cost the lives of a quarter million citizens and that did not fundamentally transform a nation of free and independent states into an empire with policy dictated from “Honest” Abe Lincoln and his cronies in Washington. But “Honest” Abe was neither a statesman nor was he a saint.

It is the privilege of the victors in a war to write the history of that war, and the Lincoln Myth Keepers have set about that task with a vengeance. But there are those of us in the South who remember our heritage with pride. No, we do not celebrate slavery. Slavery was, and is, an unholy institution, but the fact is we all have slaves in our family tree, no matter the colour of our skin. The Old South was no more exclusively about slavery no more than the United States today is exclusively about the slaughter of children. Is it only a moral abomination to own a black man while it is a virtue to murder him, or to “remove the human weeds”?

I came to be inspired to investigate the true character of “Honest” Abe Lincoln and to investigate the birth of the Republican Party by inspiration of the present campaign of Cultural Revolution and the effort to erase American History and to replace it with a fantasy more to the liking of those who worship at the altar of absolute power over men and nations. A good portion of my suspicion as regards the formation of the Republican Party comes from the nature of the Republican Party today and from what I learned of “Honest” Abe’s joined-at-the-hip connection with the Northeastern Industrialists, the Bankers and the Transportation Moguls of his day. By strict definition, The Republican Party was born as the party of Fascism (labeled “State Capitalists” then) and remains the Party of Fascism today, still marching in lock step with the interests of Big Business. The indictment against the Republicans as the “party of the rich” still haunts the Republicans because it is, and has always been, undeniably true.

History records, as I noted in yesterday’s (Sunday) comments, the birthing of the Republican Party was heavily influenced by Communists who fled to this country after the failed Communist Revolution in Europe of 1848. I did not find indication as to how committed to the Communist Ideology was the first Republican Presidential Candidate General John C. Fremont, but it is a matter of record that he surrounded himself with those committed to the Communist Cause. Fremont did not win election but, in 1860, “Honest” Abe Lincoln did. Lincoln was a disappointment to the Republican Communists because of his close ties to Big Business and the concept of “State Capitalism” (Fascism), but the Communists rallied to “Honest” Abe figuring they could push the Fascists out of the Republican Party and make it their own later.

Didn’t work out for the Communists. But not to worry. The Democrats soon welcomed the Communists with open arms and the Democrat Party became the party of Communism.

Why do I continue to make issue of this? Because a people and a nation that does not know its past cannot understand its future and, today, those who would rule over us are on a crusade to erase our heritage so as to license themselves to create our future in their image.

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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