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Tandra Page 1522, Useful Idiots

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

I believe it was Vladimir Lenin who made famous the admonition of taking to advantage useful idiots to advance the ideology of Communism. Of course, Muhammad is reported to have said, “War is deceit.” Both comments mean pretty much the same thing; employ fools in the enemy camp in the campaign to weaken and subvert the opposition.

A useful idiot differs from a Quisling in that the Quisling knows full well he is working in the interests of the enemy and against his own people. The useful idiot suffers under the delusion the enemy is not really so bad and can be dealt with in a non-violent manner, if we only agree to submit to his demands. Indeed, there are useful idiots who proclaim that life will be improved under rule of the opposition. They are willing, even eager, to do whatever necessary to appease the enemy. Their method of negotiation is to proclaim, “We promise to do whatever it takes to bring about an end to conflict. What can we do that will please you?” The answer is, of course, “You can die!” But the useful idiots refuse to hear words they do not like. They run in terror to their “safe spaces” and cover their ears and insist the enemy does not truly mean the words they have spoken. The enemy truly meant to say something very different.

Actually the enemy means precisely what it says and says what it means. The useful idiots simply refuse to hear. That is the reason they are idiots. In true fact, the enemy often does not reveal what it actually plans. “War is deceit!” of course and the enemy lies until it comes to power when its true nature is revealed in slavery and mass executions. By that time the useful idiots have at last understood the truth, but it is too late.

The Murderous Mullahs have been generally silent in this country as regards homosexuality and same sex “marriage”. It is common knowledge, for anyone who cares to observe, that homosexuality is a capital offense in Muslim controlled nations. But, again, American snowflakes run to their “safe spaces” and cover their ears while holding their puppies and drinking warm chocolate. Be that as it may, the Liberal Regressive Clique has convinced themselves they can do business with the Murderous Mullahs. Do they not, after all, share a congenital hatred of the United States, the Constitution and Christians? It is this shared hatred of Western Culture that the Liberal Regressives believe will convince the Murderous Mullahs to come to term with the Political Left’s deviate sexual perversions and extreme sexual excesses. The Liberal Regressive Left are encouraged that the Murderous Mullahs are not at present engaged in a campaign against the Left’s sexual excesses, but there is a reason the Murderous Mullahs remain silent. The Murderous Mullahs are content, for present, to let the Liberal Regressives do the work of destroying Western Civilization for them.

Once the Liberal Regressives have brought down the West and Christianity is in full retreat, the Murderous Mullahs can turn attention to bringing the Liberal Regressives to heel. Once there is no more Liberal Regressive ideology, no more Rainbow Flag, no more same sex “marriage”, the whole of the world will be united under the Muslim Caliphate, a one world government ruled by the Murderous Mullahs. The Wet Dream of the Liberal Regressives will have come to past....

...but not precisely as they intended.

It is, by then, far past time for course correction because the Murderous Mullahs will rule, and the Mullahs do not share power.

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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