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Tandra Page 1522, Broke

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Hurricane Irma, labeled the most powerful storm ever, is en route toward Southern Florida. The best projected path for Irma is that it will come ashore in Miami and move North leaving the whole state a sodden swamp in the storm’s wake.

Not so fast.

When was the last time the Weather Channel was right about anything? If you plan a weekend picnic based upon the Weather Channel’s prediction for a fair and cloudless Saturday, be certain to bring along your umbrella, just in case.

But the Weather Channel was dead on for Hurricane Harvey only two weeks ago. Texas around Houston is a mess that will require years, if not decades, to recover. Luckily, there were a minimum of deaths reported as a consequence of the storm, something less than two dozen. Of course, every death is a tragedy but South Chicago racks up more fatalities than Harvey on a quiet Sunday Afternoon and no one weeps buckets about the deaths by gang violence in the Democratic Workers’ Paradise of South Chicago.

So, the Weather Channel won big with Harvey. If you go to Las Vegas, there is the chance you could win the Jackpot and walk away with your pockets stuffed with cash, but don’t go to Vegas carrying your food and rent money in expectation of coming away with more money than you can pile into an eighteen wheeler.

Mebbe the Weather Channel will get lucky with their predictions and Florida will be Harvey 2.0. You sometimes hit a winning streak. Mebbe Florida will, this time next week, be Texas Swamp repeated. Anything is possible, even that the Weather Channel will get it right twice.

Then what?

For one thing the people of Florida, inspired by Texas, are getting the hell out of the state and others are making serious preparations for the “Mother Of All Hurricanes”. Hopefully, with such preparations, the death count will be less than in Texas, and that is good. But you cannot prepare property for a major storm. The damage from Irma will likely match or exceed the Texas Gulf Coast. Congress has been asked to send several billion dollars to Texas and estimates are, whatever the dollar amount that eventually goes to Texas, it will not be near enough. Of course, whatever Congress sends to Texas will needs be matched or exceeded for Florida.

As I type this, the United States is the brokest country in the world. In fact, this country is the brokest nation in all of Human History. When the Beltway decides more money is needed for natural disaster repairs or to purchase votes, Congress just has more money printed or, more recently, punches a computer key to create digital currency from thin air. But paper or digital currency is not actually goods and services any more than a paper insurance policy is care from a flesh and blood doctor.

This nation suffers from too many fiat dollars chasing too few goods and services. At some point Americans will present legal tender expecting a product or a service in return and there will be nothing there. This is no fantasy. Fiat dollars do not create products nor services and when there are an excess of dollars as compared to goods and services, the goods and services eventually run out and Americans are left with worthless dollars.

Harvey and Irma give speed to this process because the recovery from these two storms place added pressure on a fragile economy. The devastation in Texas and, possibly, Florida, may be terrible, but it may not be restricted to those two unfortunate states, The devastation may turn out to be nation wide.

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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