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Tandra Page 1522, Dictator Trump

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Those opposed to the election of a Third Party candidate generally make the case that a Third Party President would be powerless to carry out his agenda because he would have no allies in Congress. That makes a certain amount of sense as to what can a President accomplish if everyone in the Beltway opposes him?

With President Donald J. Trump in the Oval Office, the question is no longer academic. President Donald J. Trump ran for office as a Republican and he was listed on ballots across the fruited plains as a Republican but, as Republican Party Insiders and Loyalists sniffed, “Trump is factually no Republican!”

Which is, in truth, the case. President Donald J. Trump only labeled himself “Republican” because of convenience. In actuality, Donald J. Trump is neither Republican nor Democrat, but an American as are those who voted for him.

In the Administration of President Donald J. Trump we are seeing in day-to-day development precisely what we could logically expect from the election of a Third Party President. Unable to find any support for his agenda from the party of which he has made claim to have joined in order to gain the Presidency, Donald J. Trump has obviously, after some seven months of hostile opposition from the Republican Establishment, decided to go it alone.

In this decision is in no wise without precedent as former Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama assumed dictatorial powers when it pleased him. In the case of Obama, quite naturally, his acting a dictator was met with applause and confirmation from the Democrats and enthusiastic acceptance from Republicans. Everyone in the Beltway believed Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama was marvelously innovative when he took on the powers of a dictator. Some few observers warned acolytes of The Beltway Messiah they might not be so happy when a President of differing persuasion came to power and acted in the manner advanced by the Messiah to push a differing agenda from that approved by the Centralized Government Advocates, but Establishment Politicians only sneered at such possibility, believing it highly unlikely, because they convinced themselves that only a confirmed member of the Political Establishment could ever be installed into the Oval Office. The Political Establishment in the Beltway have, for generations, been content to grow wealthy lining their own pockets granting favours to well connected special interest groups to the exclusion of any other activity. President Donald J. Trump’s major affront to the politically connected is that he has threatened to de-rail the gravy train to which the Political Establishment’s power and security is connected.

With the Establishment in a panic, President Donald J. Trump is left pretty much free to rule as he pleases without checks or balances. This is not a license of which I approve neither more than I was in approval when such power was granted Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama. But I do not altogether blame Trump no more than I placed total blame on the Beltway Messiah for his dictatorial acts. Nature does not tolerate a vacuum. With Congress abdicating Constitutional Responsibility to pursue their own private interests of looting the nation, a total grab for power goes unopposed for Trump, the Beltway Messiah or any would be dictator intending to establish himself in absolute power.

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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