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Tandra Page 1522, Climate Crisis

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Christians are forever on the lookout seeking messages from God. Ancient Greeks were inclined to stand under Oak Trees and listen as wind rustled the leaves in the hope that Zeus was sending them a message. Climate Alarmists are convinced that recent hurricanes Harvey and now Irma are messages from the pagan earth gods insisting President Donald J. Trump must needs be impeached. Don’t you find it interesting the messages from the gods most always tend to mesh perfectly with the agendas of the spokesmen they serve? Who’d a thunk it!

Please understand, as a Christian I believe with absolute certainty that God Almighty sends, when it pleases Him, messages to his people and also warnings to those who reject His laws, but I see no convincing evidence every drop of rain that falls is a direct message from the mouth of God. Saint Ted Cruz, campaigning for Republican Presidential Nominee, made comment that God toes the line on Saint Ted Cruz’s political agenda. Excuse me, but I have sincere doubts that God toes any line except His own. I find that, like Saint Ted Cruz, most of those who make claim to receiving a message from God are only putting forth a message that supports their own agenda.

The same holds true for pagan earth gods as proclaimed by Al Gore and his acolytes. Al gore is making claims that, had he only received more money from climate skeptics, Harvey and Irma would never have happened and we would all be enjoying perfect picnic weather with mild and sunny afternoons and star lit nights, spaced with the occasional light rain to water the roses. A side benefit being that Good Ol’ Al could purchase more sea side mansions to add to his collection.

Let me see if I get this right; if Americans give Al and his cronies one hundred trillion dollars right away, Al promises to reduce the average earth temperature by three tenths of a degree within eighty years. Wow, that’s impressive! Of course, you realize that if “Honest” Al’s cold snap fails to materialize, no one will be able to confront Good Ol’ Al on CNN and call out his scam. “Honest” Al will be safely dead by that far off date and unaccountable for his playing fast and loose with the truth.

Conversely, there are definite advantages to a warmer climate. Major hurricanes notwithstanding, a warmer climate has the benefit of longer growing seasons and increased food supplies. Starving peoples around the world will finally have enough to eat. Of course, Al Gore has a different set of priorities. For “Honest” Al, adding to his collection of sea side mansions is far more important than feeding starving people.

As to the consequences of Harvey and the threat of Irma, this is no joking matter. There are people suffering in Texas who need all the help Americans can give them and people in Florida facing serious challenges. Christians must needs waste less time in looking for signs from God in the natural order of things and provide assistance to storm victims as they are able and as is needed.

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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