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Tandra Page 1523, September 10, 2015

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This commentary is titled; PROFESSIONALS

One of the charges made by the Swamp Land Career Politicians against President Donald J. Trump, in particular comments made by Congressman Mitch McConnell is that Donald J. Trump does not understand how things are done in the Beltway. President Donald J. Trump is a novice, new to the game. President Donald J. Trump has not been in politics long enough to have acquired knowledge of the approved manner in which Beltway Politicians conduct themselves. The problem for Donald J. Trump is that he is not a Professional Politician.

Excuse me, but our Founding Fathers were veterans of much experience with Professional Politicians, with men born to high office and who conducted themselves in the approved manner, with men who understood precisely how a Career Politician born to position should run the government. It is precisely for this reason, because the Founding Fathers knew first hand the manner in which Professional Politicians, born to position and who passed their lives exploiting the citizenry to advantage and enriching themselves and their cronies that the American Constitution was written for amateurs.

You see, Professionals invariably have a different agenda from the people. The people wish to live their lives and raise their families and remain free from those who would prey upon them. Professional Politicians have a differing agenda. Professional Politicians wish to exploit the people and stuff their pockets with loot stolen from their constituents.

In pretty much all cases Professionals have a differing agenda from the common folk.

Parents make the grave error of sending their children into the care of Professional Educators that have a different agenda from the parents. Professional Educators instruct the children in their care to the agenda advanced by Career Politicians and the Teachers’ Union to advance and promote the agenda of the State. When the Indoctrination System returns children to parents after having fundamentally transformed them into drones for the State, in many cases parents do not even recognize the foot soldiers of the State returned to them with crippled minds.

The fact is that rearing children is not so difficult and parents had been doing an excellent job for generations before the State, in its infinite wisdom, decided parents are unfit to rear children and only Professional Agents of the State have the approved skills to do the job properly.

Today a growing number of parents, having observed the destructive force Professional State Licensed Instructors have been in the lives of their children, are taking the option of Home Schooling their children. And that is as should be because a parent’s first responsibility is to bring up his children to the best of his ability.

Nursing Homes and Hospitals are another consideration where Professionals have taken over responsibilities best left to families. Nurses and Professionals may have a long string of impressive sounding letters attached to their names, but the sick and elderly much prefer to spend their final days in the company of family and friends rather than in the care of Professionals who are mostly concerned with filling out performance charts and do not give a Tinker’s Damn about the patients entrusted to their care.

Doctors are another class of Professionals that appear, at first glance, to be a necessary evil. A doctor must needs pass years in training to be able to care for the ill, but the dirty little fact is that doctors, by and large, do not prolong life. Doctors only lengthen the process for dying, while pulling in a fortune for their trouble. The longer a doctor keeps your heart beating, it matters not the quality of your life, the greater his financial reward. Look around your neighbourhood and you will find the richest persons living in the grandest mansions are doctors and lawyers.

And the less said about lawyers the better.

Most Professionals do not have more skill or knowledge than you. They simply have a State Approved license to transfer money from your pocket to theirs.

May the sun always shine on your parade!

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