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Tandra Page 1523, Wolan, Son Of Walon

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

It’s the sort of dumb mistake every writer comes up against, that of identifying two characters with names so similar that establishing their separate identities becomes an issue.

Normally, when this happens, I simply alter the name of the second character to avoid confusion. It’s an easy thing to do. Also, normally, I go through a lengthy process in deciding on a name for a new character. I reject several options for a number of reasons until I settle on one that seems proper.

Walon, the Hardy, son of Golat was different. The name came off the top of my head and I liked it and I put it down on paper. It’s not like I was up against a deadline and had to rush to get the page posted. The script for a Tandra Page is written weeks before pencil is first put to three ply Strathmore. I simply wrote the name and gave it no other thought.

Some three weeks passed before I realized that Walon was simply Galon with the first letter changed. I’m not certain the two names, Galon and Walon, side by side would cause any confusion, but I decided to revise Walon’s name to Wolan, and so it is beginning with the Tandra Page posted this past Sunday.

So, when you notice that a character that was called “Walon” is suddenly referred to as “Wolan”, you understand the reasons for the change.

After all, the creative process is a continuing procedure and there are always a few speed bumps on the highway to adventure.

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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