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Tandra Page 1523, Super Snarlers

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

I had in my E-mail this week a promotion for a book about Superman and company. On the cover of this book, as displayed in the promotion, the DC (stands for Detective Comics, one of the early comics published by the company) Characters from Superman on down are portrayed as scowling, snarling, grimacing, frowning, glaring and otherwise exhibiting unpleasant faces. Who knew being a super hero could be such a downer.

Thinking that mebbe Superman and his associates had cornered the market for the unpleasant-to-be-around superheroes set, I checked out a few Marvel Publications. I found not a smile in the lot. What is it with superheroes these days?

I’ve not paid much attention to comic books for ages. I outgrew them late in life, but I stopped buying comics when I realized I was purchasing the things and then setting them aside on my shelf intending to get back to them later, but never getting around to it. I then decided why should I pay for the things if I was never going to read them.

I still purchase collections of the best of newspaper syndication features and I absolutely am fascinated by Valerian and a number of other comics published in Europe. American superhero comics, not so much.

I hear by way of news reports the antics an the high profile comics characters from both major superhero comics publishers, and nothing I hear inspires me to go out and pick up a comics publication featuring Superman, Spider-man or any of their associate costumed characters. Until recently I was enthusiastic about Marvel Studio Movies until Marvel began to promote child sex trafficking. That sort of turned me off and I stopped watching Marvel Movies.

Superman in the movies has been mostly unwatchable of late as has Batman, to a lesser degree.

Wonder Woman I am enthusiastic about, but only because of the actress who portrays Wonder Woman in the movies. I never read any Wonder Woman comics growing up and I skipped over the television series. But Gal Gadot I would pay to watch sit on screen and read from the New York City telephone directory for two hours.

By and large, what I hear as reported in the news concerning comic book superheroes are unpleasant items. As example, Spider-man has been fundamentally transformed into an illegal immigrant, Captain America has joined the New Black Panthers, Superman has renounced his American affiliation and, rather than Truth, Justice and the American Way promotes Lies, Fraud and One World Government. No wonder Superman no longer smiles.

Superheroes no longer have reason to smile because the creative hacks at Marvel and DC Comics have caused them to betray everything for which they once stood.

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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