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Tandra Page 1523, Counterfeit Compassion

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

I heard a man expressing his infinite compassion this past week as concerns the so-called “dreamers”, those in this country illegally through no fault of their own. They were dragged here kicking and screaming against their will by parents who deliberately, and with criminal forethought, entered this country illegally then applied for food stamps, government housing and free taxpayer benefits for their children. We, insisted the compassionate one, must not send these “little children” (ranging in age to their mid-thirties) back to a country they have never known and with which they have no cultural connection. “What would Jesus do?” inquired this man who earns his living making claim to be a Christian.

So, let us inquire as to what might Jesus do in the case of someone in distress. Take, for example, the tale of the Good Samaritan who found a man beside the road who had been beaten and robbed and left for dead. What did the Good Samaritan do? Why of course he applied to government agencies to come and take the man into their care and minister unto him! No, wait! That’s not the story Jesus told. It happened this way; the Good Samaritan set up a road side booth where he called upon passersby to contribute to a fund for the purpose of ministering to the injured man. Oops, wrong again.

What the Good Samaritan did was bind up the man’s wounds, transport him to an inn and leave him in the care of the inn keeper along with money from the Good Samaritan’s own purse to pay for the care and with the promise that, should care for the man come to more than the deposit, the Good Samaritan would make up the shortfall upon his next visit.

And that, gentle reader, is compassion as Jesus explained it.

But, the argument goes, these “dreamers” are not themselves guilty of the crimes committed by their parents and should not be punished for same but should, rather, be rewarded. Interesting take on morality. So, you tell me, should a man steal an automobile and it passes into use by the thief's son who had nothing to do with the theft and the cops finally track down the stolen vehicle to discover the son has been driving the automobile for years in a responsible manner with not even a speeding ticket, the cops should allow the son to keep the stolen car because the son did not steal it and did not even know the car was stolen. Is that your position?

Because this man who makes claim as a follower of The Christ was expressing such heart felt compassion for the “dreamers” and was all so concerned as to how Jesus would advise treating them with Christian Compassion, I am absolutely convinced this man has made arrangements, as I type this, to bring several “dreamers” into his home, set them up in his spare bedroom, feed them and provide for their needs as required. After all, this man has advertised his Christian Compassion and chastised the rest of us for being lesser persons for not living up to the standards of compassion set by Our Lord.

It should be noted the Good Samaritan acted with true compassion because he cared for the injured man beside the road from his own resources.

It is quite common among men to express compassion that requires the resources taken by force or fraud from other men, but such is not true compassion as Jesus taught it. That sort of compassion of which others foot the bills requires no effort on the part of the person advocating such compassion and is, in truth, no more than counterfeit compassion.

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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