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Tandra Page 1524, September 17, 2015

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This commentary is titled; DEADBEAT NATION

The national debt was in the news this past week with the revelation the debt number has topped twenty trillion dollars and, outside of a few economists, no one noticed and even fewer cared. In case you have an interest, twenty trillion is a larger number, by far, than the total of stars in whole of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Not to worry. Congress assures us the United States will never run out of greenbacks. Even in the event the printing presses break down and the government runs short on paper and ink, not a problem. The government simply creates another couple hundred trillion or so by tapping a computer key and money appears by magic. Is this a great country or what? Now Americans can be whichever sex they wish notwithstanding the plumbing between their legs, up to some fifty-something varieties I am told. Americans can choose the race of which they prefer to claim membership with no regard for their physical features nor the colour of their skin. And the government can create legal tender from thin air just by tapping a computer key. Printing presses are soooo yesterday, doncha know?

There are economists out there, a minority to be certain, who worry the debt is far too large and can never be paid off. Are you kidding me? As I am told, not one penny has been paid on the debt in over a hundred years and there are no plans to begin at any time in the future. No one in this regime, including President Donald J. Trump, has any intention of paying the debt, nor of making any serious attempt, now or at any time in the distant future. The plan, insofar as there is a plan, is to just continue to create fiat currency forever until the cows come home. Hopefully, for this regime, by the time the “cows come home” everyone of the Beltway Elite Clique will be safely dead and will have no worries for the day when the fantasy debt house of cards comes crashing down.

In truth, currency of either paper or gold is like an insurance policy. You may be holding in your hand the most wonderful insurance policy in the world but, unless you can find a doctor willing to treat your illness by the terms of that policy, your insurance is of no value. The same is true of government issued currency. Even gold coins have no particular value when you are starving in a snow storm. You cannot eat gold nor will it keep you warm, but neither will paper. Like the fabulous insurance policy, you must find someone willing to trade with you the currency you hold for the food and clothing you require.

Here we come to the word “intrinsic”. Intrinsic is the value of a material it possesses by nature of its own character. By that criteria, gold is of more value than paper. Gold has universal value through all cultures. Surely gold is a pretty rock, but gold’s value extends beyond its pretty luster. Gold is a superlative conductor of electricity and, as such, is used in computers, satellites and cell phones. Gold is used in medicine and the manufacture of glass. Gold is used in dentistry. And one other property gold has; gold cannot be created from a printing press nor from pressing a computer key. Governments cannot manufacture fake gold.

The take away is this; governments of our world have fled from gold because they wish to control currencies. Governments wish to set the “value” of their currencies at whatever is to their short term advantage. Governments wish to live in a fantasy world wherein the economy is however governments identify it, much like the sexually delusional who “identify” as whichever sex tickles their reality challenged fantasies at the moment.

This world is over filled with deadbeat nations that have no intention of ever paying their debts. The value of their currencies are propped up only by the faith and integrity of the regimes in question. The sad fact is that these bankrupt regimes have neither faith nor integrity with which to prop up their currencies. They have only deceit and fraud.

We, in this nation, have already reached the point wherein the value of our official currency has fallen ninety-eight percent within the past hundred years. Our currency is rapidly seeking the intrinsic value of the paper upon which it is printed, dropping like a rock from the intrinsic value of gold to which our paper currency was once artificially, and by governmental directive, attached. With the supply of fiat government currency increasing at an explosive rate as compared with milk and bread (and pizza), how long do you believe before there is not milk and bread (nor pizza) to meet the supply of government created fiat currency?

Beltway Politicians make claim it is compassionate to supply every American with a “living wage” if he works to earn it or if he does not. Of course the “compassionate” politicians expect Americans to reward them for their “compassionate” generosity by returning them to power come next election. The “compassionate” generosity turns out to be nothing more than a bribe using funds stolen from Americans by force (taxes) and by deceit (inflation by way of fiat currency).

At some point, and no one can tell precisely when it will happen, just as night follows day, the economy of fiat currency will collapse and the paper money supported by the faith and integrity of a regime that has neither faith nor integrity will fail and Americans will find themselves with fists full of paper that has suddenly dropped to its intrinsic value, a currency worth no more than the paper upon which it is printed.

Americans will realize finally that theirs is a deadbeat regime that never intended to repay the money it borrowed and that Americans have been “taken to the cleaners” by a regime of charlatan and frauds who spoke forever with lies because lying is all they know and there is not a shred of honesty in the lot of them.

May the sun always shine on your parade!

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