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Tandra Page 1524, Unconditional Surrender

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

When confronted by a thug making threats to kill you, the options are using force to defend your life or to surrender and die. There was a time when Americans knew how to fight and defend this nation from murderous thugs. That time is long past!

Today Americans have become proven masters in the art of the unconditional surrender.

When Saudi Arabia and the Homicidal Mullahs attacked, slaughtering 3000 Americans, the Beltway Regime was on State Run Media within hours begging the enemy to forgive us for having given them convincing justification for slaughtering American Citizens. And this regime and its sycophants did not only beg forgiveness of the Muslims for provoking them into slaughtering 3000 of us in a deliberate and inarguable Act of War on Nine-eleven, the Beltway Regime and its Quisling Acolytes have been making apology to the “Religion of Peace” non-stop for every murderous attack and act of aggression since. After all, the “Religion of Peace” is only carrying out Jihad against Western Civilization and Western Values because we have insulted Islam and because we have failed to be nice enough to Muslims and because Americans have failed to provide them with everything for which they wish.

And what is it the Homicidal Mullahs want from us?

They want us to die!

But this regime has not only perfected the art of the unconditional surrender as regards the Homicidal Mullahs.

The Beltway Regime has come to wilt in the face of threats from common thugs rioting and looting and having temper tantrums in the streets. The word has gone out; “Let them loot and burn everything in sight with no adverse consequences.”

The unconditional surrender syndrome has even progressed to the point that authorities surrender unconditionally without protest to snowflakes seeking “safe spaces” from any thought or idea with which they fail to absolutely and enthusiastically agree. You gotta remember these snowflakes of whom the authorities are so over eager to give whatever it is they demand are, in large measure, persons who do not even have the perception to look between their legs and decide should they wear pink or should they dress in blue.

If Americans are burdened with a regime that surrenders unconditionally to snowflakes and others of the mentally challenged variety, there exists nothing of which this regime will not surrender without even token resistance.

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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