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Tandra Page 1525, September 24, 2015

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This commentary is titled; GAL GADOT

Back when the movie “Wonder Woman” was in theatres, I gave a rave review. I saw the thing on the Big Screen some half a dozen times and would have gone to the theatre a number of times more, but I have deadlines and could not afford to abandon my work on Tandra for the reason of watching Gal Gadot play pretend to be a super hero. I said at the time my fascination with the movie is only because of Gal Gadot, one of the most fascinating and beautiful ladies to come to the big screen in a generation. I would pay to sit and watch Gal Gadot read from the New York City Telephone Book for two hours. Fortunately, in “Wonder Woman”, Gal is given opportunity to do more than read from a phone book.

Growing up, I was aware of the Wonder Woman Comic Book, but I paid it little attention. From my perspective, Wonder Woman looked less like inspiration and more like a committee product wherein executives at National Periodicals (DC Comics) sat around thinking they were selling comic books to boys but girls were ignoring them with a vengeance. The strategy for tapping into a potential female market seemed to dress Superman in swim wear, slim him down, give him implants and sell him as “Wonder Woman”.

So they fundamentally transformed Clark Kent into Diana Prince, kept the glasses, made him a female secretary for the Military, remade Lois Lane as Steve Trevor so there was always someone for Wonder Woman to rescue and provided an invisible air plane so Wonder Woman could fly. I don’t remember any of the stories.

As said, Wonder Woman was off my radar screen. When the television series was on air, I remained indifferent. Then Wonder Woman showed up in “Batman vs Superman” making an otherwise un-watchable disaster worthy of interest for some ten minutes out of almost two and a half hours.

Understand, it is Gal Gadot that arrests my interest. Were Wonder Woman portrayed by someone else I would never have bothered with the movie. But Gal Gadot makes the perfect Wonder Woman and I can watch her nonstop forever....

Which brings me to the “Wonder Woman” DVD that was released to market recently. I grabbed it and watched the movie again. If anything, “Wonder Woman” is more enjoyable at home than trudging to the local cinema and sitting among a bunch of noisy people. I watched the movie and then flipped to the extras, as are usually included on a DVD. The stock and trade “How The Movie Was Made” Feature was fascinating and proved, while Wonder Woman may be your super tough female hero with incredible powers, Gal Gadot makes Wonder Woman appear a pansy by comparison.

There is this sequence as regards World War I wherein Wonder Woman first shows her stuff and she strips off her outer clothes and starts running around in her leather swim suit. Now you gotta remember this is outside in Winter in cold wind and mud. Sure, it’s Hollywood “mud”, but even Hollywood mud is wet and cold in the Winter, and this is definitely true out of doors Winter as the “How We Did It” documentary shows. Gal Gadot is running around in her “Wonder Woman” leather swim suit while everyone else, including the director and crew, is huddled next to the fire in their overcoats.

As I said, Wonder Woman may be super tough, but Gal Gadot makes Wonder Woman a pansy by comparison.

If you saw “Wonder Woman” at your local cinema, you know what a great show this movie is. If you missed it in theatres, buy the DVD and get in on the fun!

(How about that? Not a single reference to politics this week. How utterly refreshing!)

May the sun always shine on your parade!

Next Week; Operatives from Earth have set up an industrial park to exploit the unique riches of Tandra, but all is not going to plan. There are some who oppose the rape of Tandra and do so by force of violence! Don’t fail to read Tandra Page 1526. Check in beginning Monday, September 25, 2017. Experience the continuing story updated every day at

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