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Tandra Page 1525, Flag

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Haters of America are in the news again, and the State Run Media is mostly without exception promoting the agenda of the haters for one simple reason; the Haters of America and the State Run Media are joined at the hip in their hatred of this country and of the values for which it stands.

In this case the spotlight of hatred is focused on professional football players, overgrown adolescents who are paid absurd amounts of money for tossing a ball around in front of people who get their jollies from watching grown men play children’s games. That these overgrown children are joining in a demonstration of hatred for the nation that has allowed them opportunity to grab tons of money in return for playing at infantile games appears to escape their notice. These people are not superior intellects. As a general rule, they are not even very bright. They are people who have passed their lives in developing their muscles while neglecting the nurturing of their brains. People such as these are no more than useful idiots, good for nothing but for advancing the agenda of anyone who wishes to exploit them. Think not too badly of these fools. They are, at best, puppets on a string dancing to some shadowed manipulator who has selected the score to which they mindlessly bounce.

In this manner, the sports icons are, in no discernable particular, different from Hollywood personalities who wax eloquent as regards matters of which they have no knowledge. Hollywood, remember, of made up of persons who make absurd amounts of money by hitting their marks and spouting words written for them by someone else. Like the game players, these people are not the sharpest knives in the drawer nor the brightest colours in the Crayola Box.

Even State Run Media Talking Heads are no more than persons with good hair and well appointed faces who, like Hollywood personalities, make their cushy salaries by reading words written for them by others. Again, no intellectual giants need apply.

The bottom line is these irresponsible fools who make claim to hate the Flag and the nation for which it stands are, at base, cannon fodder on a suicide mission for a cause they have not the intelligence to understand. Ask yourself, would these America Haters be able to achieve their luxurious life styles under conditions prevalent of any other government than the one they fatuously make claim to despise.

And speaking of other regimes, you know the sort to which I refer, the sort the Hate America Clique holds up as superior to America and to American Ideals. These Hate America Types are not only fools. They are spineless cowards. You will see none of them travel to China, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia nor any other totalitarian nation and stand up to publicly spit in the eye of the Powered Class

In the event any of these brave fools of the Hate America Clique wishes to call me out and openly declare his courage, contact me and I will happily pay his transportation, one way, to the nation of his choice to confront the dictator he prefers.

A round trip ticket will not be necessary.

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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