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Tandra Page 1525, Judge Moore

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Judge Roy Moore has won the Alabama run off to be the Republican Candidate in the General Election against the Democratic Candidate, one Doug Jones. Conventional Wisdom has it that Judge Moore’s Run Off Win virtually guarantees him to be the Junior Senator from Alabama as the Democrat traditionally has no hope of grabbing the Senate Seat to replace Jeff Sessions who currently serves in President Donald J. Trump’s Cabinet. That conventional wisdom may be in for a challenge as Republican Insiders dropped a cool $30 million to oppose Judge Moore in this campaign. Given that Judge Moore is a clear thorn in the side of the Republican Establishment and that some Republican Insiders see Judge Moore as a threat to their power and positions, it is not a stretch to imagine that, in the General Election when Republican Roy Moore faces off against Democrat Doug Jones, Republican Mitch McConnell and his Swamp Rats Cronies will throw support behind Democrat Doug Jones in a last ditch effort to keep Judge Moore from a seat in the Senate.

This probability is not so far fetched as some might imagine. In the Beltway, the lust for power crosses party lines and, if the Republican Establishment swings its support to Democrat Doug Jones in an attempt to defeat Judge Moore, it will not be the first time Republican Insiders have thrown support to the Democrats to defeat a Republican they saw as a threat to their power and position.

That the Republican Establishment is circling the wagons to protect their hold on power comes as a shock to Americans who still look upon the Republicans as the “good guys”. Some of these same Americans look upon the Democrats as the party of corruption. In actual fact, both political parties are corrupt organizations. The corruption of the Democrats is well known. Indeed Democrats wear their corruption and their open hatred of America and of Americans as a badge of honour. The Republicans, on the other hand, are the party of deceit. Of course Muhammad is reported to have said, “War is deceit.”

The Democrats are engaged in open war against American Values and against Americans. Democrats are proud to be enemies of this country, proud to spit on our flag, proud to use state run indoctrination centers in teaching our children hatred of America and tolerance of foreign ideologies that preach death to America. Republicans, by contrast, make posture to stand for Americans and for American Values insofar as those “American Values” support the power lust of the Republican Establishment.

For Americans who continue to worship at the altar of the Republican Party, a cursory examination of the creation and birth of the Republican Party is in order. The Republican Party has long been smeared as the Party Of The Rich and has denied this indictment as unfair and untrue. But a brief look at the origins of the Republican Party will reveal the Republican Party was indeed organized by rich industrialists and bankers with insider connections to the government, by white supremacists who advocated a strong centralized government and by refugees from the failed Communist Uprising in Europe from 1848. In the event it seems odd that Communists would join with rich businessmen in the same agenda, one should remember the Communists and the Central Planners have always shared the same objective, that is establishment of a society of masters and slaves, of looters and the looted, of princes and the serfs, of controllers and the controlled.

The first Republican candidate for President was General John C. Fremont who was wholly sympathetic to the Communist Cause. Fremont did not prevail and the European Communists gathered in support of “Honest” Abe Lincoln. But “Honest” Abe was a tool of the Northeastern Industrialists, the Bankers and the Transportation Industry, so the Communists threw their support to Lincoln and saturated his Administration with those true to the Communist Ideology. There is, after all, very little difference in Communism and Fascism (a label that would not come to popular use until a century later. In Lincoln’s time the ideology was called State Capitalism.) The Communists would not find their true home until fifty years later when the Democratic Party welcomed the Communists with open arms.

Today the Republican Party has not changed its stripes. The Republicans remain, as birthed, the party of State Capitalism or Crony Capitalism or Fascism (Take your preference.). And, as charged, President Donald J. Trump is not a true Republican!

For which we can thank Almighty God!

Neither Is Judge Roy Moore. Judge Moore has chosen to run under the Republican Banner because the only other option is to run as a Godless Democrat. If Judge Moore wins the General Election for the Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions, there will be two men in high office who are not true Republicans but who are True Americans.

It is then the Grand Old Party of “Honest” Abe Lincoln will have cause for panic and Americans will have cause for hope.

May God bless Judge Roy Moore and protect him.

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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