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Tandra Page 1525, Customer Service

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Rule Number One of Business; The customer is always right.

Rule Number Two of Business; If the customer is wrong, refer back to Rule Number One.

Target Stores decided it is a good idea to send grown men into rest rooms and dressing rooms with women and little girls. Target Stores have lost millions of dollars in business and Target Stock is in the tank.

Hollywood actors and movie producers have decided it is a masterful marketing strategy to insult their customers, Americans who buy tickets to watch Hollywood Product, as backwoods rubes and idiots. Box Office sales this Summer are off 15.7 percent from Summer 2016. It appears the backwoods rubes and idiots are finding other ways to spend their money rather than waste dollars watching people on screen who hold America and Americans in contempt.

Likewise the NFL has decided upon a great and innovative marketing strategy of heaping scorn and derision upon fans who regularly watch professional football. I have personally never had much interest in watching grown and overpaid men chase a ball around a field, but that is why they make chocolate and vanilla. Different tastes for different folks. There are good and decent people who have no interest in drawings made with black ink on white paper nor in reading stories produced by this procedure. But the new NFL marketing strategy of spotlighting overpaid grown men who express their hatred and contempt for America and for Americans, which is to say for the customers who pay their exorbitant salaries, has resulted in a decline in viewership of some 24% on Monday Nights, a decline of 19% on Sunday and of 18% on Thursday, according to Sports Illustrated. Ticket sales are also taking a hit as a brief glance into the stands at your average live football game shows a multitude of empty seats.

In the case of the NFL, a course correction appears on the way, though it may come far too late to repair the damaged brand. Budweiser and a shirt manufacturer whose name escapes me have announced they are pulling sponsorship from NFL games unless this insult to America and Americans comes to a swift halt. I expect that threat will be more effective with NFL owners and players than all the tweets from President Donald J. Trump and all the displeasure from Football Fans. Money, or the threat of the loss of, trumps ideology every time.

But even the threat of the loss of revenue from advertising dollars may be too little too late to save a damaged brand. As Target Stores Management has learned, it is far easier to drive customers from your store than it is to persuade them to return. What is true for the NFL is also true for Hollywood and Hollywood Personalities. Once movie ticket buyers find other things upon which to spend their money, it requires a great deal of effort to persuade them to return to the theatre. The home screen is, after all, becoming bigger and more technologically sophisticated with each passing day. As I noted with my review of the Wonder Woman DVD, I enjoyed watching the same product at home on my personal flat screen far more than I enjoyed seeing it in theatres.

There are clearly other factors contributing to the decline of media and sports conglomerates in America, but media personalities and overpaid football players expressing hatred and contempt for Americans is not helping to pad their bottom line nor to pay for the mansions in which they live. Remember the two rules of business;

Rule Number One of Business; The customer is always right.

Rule Number Two of Business; If the customer is wrong, refer back to Rule Number One.

We Americans are your customers!

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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