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Tandra Page 1526, Sharia Compliant Marvel

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Because I create and publish Tandra, I keep one eye on the competition. The case can be made that Tandra has no competition, which is true to a degree. But, because Tandra is a narrative consisting of words and pictures, Tandra is often classified as “comics” by the general public.

Mostly my observation of the comics industry is limited to an occasional glance at sales figures just to get a feel of the size of the market for both Marvel and DC (the Superman folks). Late breaking news; comics sales are in the toilet and have been for a number of years. There are several reasons for the decline in comics sales. Primarily, the market for comics has changed to the disadvantage of comics sales. Comics were once sold in Mom and Pop candy stores and in local drug stores. I remember going into pharmacies as a kid and seeing comics displayed on revolving racks. Comics were also displayed in grocery stores and general interest stores along with other publications.

But the times, they are a changing!

Mom and Pop candy stores no longer exist and I have not seen a comics rack in a drug store nor a grocery store in so long I have forgotten the last time I saw a comic booklet for sale in one of these establishments. In fact, should I, for some reason, decide I would like to but a copy of the latest Superman Comic, I have no idea where I might go to do so.

The Comic Booklet market has been so reduced that comic booklets are mostly found today only in specialty shops. That means, unless you are a dedicated comics fan searching out comic booklets, you are not gonna buy a comic booklet. That pretty much removes the casual fan from the equation and explains the steep fall in comics booklet sales.

Now comic booklets are exclusively a niche market with comics sold in the same manner as to stamp collectors. Numerous comic booklet purchasers buy comics and store them away with the absurd idea they may take them out from storage in a few years and sell them to other collectors at a fantastic profit. But Comic booklets are not stamps and, unlike rare stamps, there is no credible market for rare comic booklets.

A large portion of the comics sales decline is not the fault of comics creators. In large part, declining sales of comic booklets is a consequence of evolving market conditions and of an evolution in customer preferences.

But part of the reduced market for comic booklets falls directly as the responsibility of comic booklet creators and executives themselves. Though comic booklets are definitely a niche market item that appeals exclusively to a very tiny segment of the market, comics producers have taken their cue from the main stream state compliant media in that creators and executives have decided to marginalize and ridicule their customers. This is not a formula for success, neither for Hollywood nor for the NFL nor for the comic booklet industry.

I have read recently that Superman has renounced his American Citizenship and become a “citizen of the world”, a move that surely does not send a thrill through the hearts of potential American comic book purchasers. Marvel also has taken an industrial strength dose of political correctness in that management has employed an out loud and proud Muslim, Sana Amanat, to step into the position of Marvel character development. I don’t know much about Sana Amanat, except that a photograph displays a dark haired female, and Sana Amanat may be a very fine person in her own right and by her own lights but, as an out and proud Muslim, her ideology is in direct conflict with the Judeo-Christian ideals of the majority of Americans. As such, she is pushing a view of morality and judgment that is one-eighty from the standards held by most of Marvel’s customers. This is not a marketing strategy guaranteed to boost Marvel sales.

The bottom line is that a number of American corporations have staked out positions directly opposed to the principles held by a majority of Americans with the consequences that their bottom lines are down by double digits across the board.

Marketing strategies, even stupid marketing strategies, have consequences as comic booklet companies and major American corporations are discovering.

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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