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Tandra Page 1527, Moguls Of Depravity

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Hollywood was in the news again this week.

No, it was not Samuel L. Jackson telling us again with profanity laced rhetoric how it is that anyone who fails to support the Liberal Regressive Totalitarian Agenda is an out-dated, Bible clinging, gun toting racist bigot.

It was not Liam Neeson lecturing us as to how guns are a terrible blight against civilization and must be confiscated and destroyed with the very memory of their existence forever erased from history; this just after having completed his most recent Hollywood block buster in which he is seen using every sort of firearm imaginable to blow away multitudes people who happen to have stood in the way of his agenda.

It was not George Clooney insisting Americans must invite into this country every Jahidi who desires to strap on a bomb and blow himself to a red mist amid a crowd of infidels, taking out as many unbelievers as is possible. After all, these peace loving Muslims are only exercising their Constitutional freedom to worship as they please.

This time the headline grabber was Movie Mogul Harvey Weinstein, he of the Hollywood Elite who is always preaching to the rest of backward America about empowering women, about granting women special status to rise in the ranks of business, about providing equal rights for women, about free health care (abortion) for women, about how any woman who makes the choice to stay at home and make a career of raising her children to the best of her ability is a throw back and a Neanderthal not fit to kiss the feet of modern, liberated career women.

Yes, that Harvey Weinstein who has been, for years, preying upon and molesting women who have the ill fortune to come under his sphere of influence.

And the general public is shocked...shocked, I tell you, that such goings on should be happening in modern day Hollywood. The most shocked of all are the very people, Hollywood insiders and Box Office Stars, who have known, for decades, about Good Ol’ Harvey and his wanton abuse of women and have kept silent. Now, suddenly, these Hollywood Elite are running off at the mouth non-stop as to how they knew nothing and never suspected for a moment how utterly depraved was Harvey Weinstein.

One cannot but wonder slack jawed at the fake astonishment of these high public profile names and faces as they make claim to have just recently, on the evening news, learned of the sordid depravity of Harvey Weinstein.

Shock? Astonishment? Are you kidding me?

The sad fact is that Harvey Weinstein is not a Hollywood Anomaly. Harvey Weinstein is your average run-of-the-mill garden variety Tinsel Town standard. In fact, Harvey Weinstein is the poster child for your average run-of-the-mill garden variety Liberal Regressive. The essential difference in Harvey Weinstein and most self identified Liberal Regressives is that Good Ol’ Harvey Weinstein had the position and power to indulge his sexual fantasies and depravities. The socialist ideology of the Liberal Regressive is, as a primary function, the fundamental transformation of women into willing whores and sex slaves. I remember a record album from Madonna a number of years back that portrayed Madonna wearing a belt upon which was embossed on the buckle the words “Boy Toy”. This may have been meant as a joke of sorts, but it was also a revelation of truth as concerns the Socialist ideology. A good liberated socialist woman is a “boy toy”, a whore, a woman willing to spread her legs for any passing male with an itch. The women Harvey Weinstein targeted were only serving their function as “liberated socialist whores”.

Hollywood Insiders and Political Big Wigs who were previously best buddies with Depraved Harvey Weinstein are suddenly running as fast as their legs will carry them to put as much distance as possible between themselves and former Best Buddy Harvey Weinstein. Why even Hillary (The Wicked Witch Of The Left) Clinton is reported to have finally sent forth a spokesperson to denounce “Friend Of Bill” Harvey Weinstein and to promise Hillary will give all the money Harvey Weinstein donated to her political campaign over to charity for the purpose of doing good works. No specific charity was mentioned as beneficiary of Hillary’s penance, but one can be forgiven if one speculates the “charity” that ultimately receives those tainted funds might be the Clinton Foundation. Inquiring minds would like to know.

And speaking of the Clinton Crime Family, some have wondered why Hillary delayed so long in issuing her announcement of condemnation. Those same persons of curiosity have noted there is not much daylight between Good Ol’ Harvey and Good Ol’ Bill Clinton. They are both of a type, predators stalking women. The only apparent difference between Good Ol’ Harvey and Good Ol’ Bill is that Harvey Weinstein had, within recent memory, the ability to make good movies that made big bucks at the Box Office.

But that was then and this is now. It is reported that the company started by Harvey Weinstein and his brother has fallen on hard times. The Box Office Hits have dried up and Harvey Weinstein, of consequence, is no longer the Hollywood powerhouse with the influence he once wielded. People in Hollywood no longer fear Harvey Weinstein. In consequence, Harvey Weinstein’s victims no longer hesitate to make public their charges concerning the predatory practices of Harvey Weinstein. Harvey Weinstein’s victims no longer feel they must settle quietly and out of court. Now Harvey Weinstein’s victims feel liberated to grab the headlines and to appear on cable talk shows to tell of their experiences as targets of Predator Harvey Weinstein.

As that great sage and philosopher who engaged in rants at the church where Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama made claim to attend once famously said, “The chickens have come home to roost!”

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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