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Tandra Page 1528, Arrested Adolescence

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

I’m going back from the first and reading the French comics series “Valerian”, also known as “Valerian and Laureline”. The introduction tale, titled “Bad Dreams” was published in the weekly periodical titled “Pilote”. Because this tale is of an odd page count and does not fit the European standard Graphic Album format, this introductory adventure has remained un-printed as a stand alone adventure until recently. Which lays to rest the persistent accusation that the French have no standards. They do. It’s just that French Standards are often difficult to comprehend from the American perspective.

In any event, “Bad Dreams” was serialized in “Pilote” in 1967, long before the American Left became obsessed with their own dreams and delusions. Even so, Writer Pierre Christin and illustrator Jean-Claude Mezieres paint an astonishingly accurate picture of America’s present day “Snowflake Generation” and their designated “Safe Spaces”.

“Bad Dreams” has nothing to do with Americans nor with the current Liberal Regressive obsessions. The plot concerns a Twenty-Eighth Century Earth where-in the populace pass all their time dreaming. The problem arises when the heavy messes up the dreams and fundamentally transforms them into nightmares. The poor people are so distressed, moaning and weeping that their dreams have been ruined. The remainder of the tale concerns Valerian’s efforts to track down the heavy and correct all the damage he has caused to come about.

Sci-Fi, at it’s core, is about the prediction of a future, not THE FUTURE, but possible futures if certain trends continue along their present course. In fact, the primary purpose of predicting a future is to give a warning shot across the bow so that the reader, forewarned of impending disaster or merely of approaching inconvenience, can arrange a course correction and, by so doing, avoid the particular future given face in the Sci-Fi tale of question.

It remains to be seen if Americans will look to the dystopian future given shape in many of the Sci-Fi tales of today and make the necessary course correction. Americans appear besotted with the indulgences of their dream worlds with no inclination to wake up and recognize reality.

On the news today someone was still talking about the NFL, about grown men forever restricted in perpetual adolescence as they are paid huge sums of money to go out on a field and chase about a ball, and of large numbers of Americans who pass time in watching them. Now fans are all upset because these over paid players of arrested adolescence are tossing public temper tantrums and making fools of themselves. Really?! Who cares about temper tantrums displayed by over-paid perpetual adolescents. Are there not other things in life with which to be concerned?

Arrested Adolescence is not restricted to over-paid NFL morons. Over in North Korea another perpetual adolescent is pitching a hissy fit because his personal “Safe Space” has been made, in his eyes, to appear less safe. This time, from this perpetual adolescent, the consequences of his temper tantrum could create havoc in a large portion of the world. Someone will, of necessity, need to take out this “rocket man” before he causes considerable damage.

Arrested adolescence abounds in our time. What is needed is some adults in the room to send these perpetual adolescents and spoiled brats to bed without their supper.

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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