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Tandra Page 1528, Snake Pit

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

I remain still amazed by the reaction coming from Hollywood and the State Run Media over the deplorable behavior of Tinsel Town Mogul Harvey Weinstein. I had the distinct impression that America and Americans at large are fully aware that Hollywood is an amoral sexually degenerate snake pit (no insult intended to snakes). The sexual and moral depravity that is standard behavior in Hollywood is not late breaking news cast before an innocent citizenry. Americans have known about the deplorable behavior that passes for the norm in Hollywood since the silent film days and Fatty Arbuckle.

We have known about the child sex trafficking and the casual sex and the casting couches and the strong preying on the weak and the HIV epidemic and the drug addiction and all the rest. None of these acts of debauchery are kept under wraps only to be whispered about in closed company among the connected elite. Indeed, Hollywood has loudly and in your face bragged of the prevailing hedonistic life style and pushed forth the gutter morals standard in which most of Hollywood shamelessly engages as the New Normal. Anyone who fails to embrace the Hollywood style depravity is a hopeless and out of touch throwback to a remote and dead past.

Except, it just ain’t so!

Have you recently checked out your local supermarket tabloid section recently? I normally check out the headlines as I stand in line and I always smile. On occasion I laugh out loud. I have been known to crack a joke along the lines that I am not bothered that the National Inquirer and other rags of this sort are published and offered on sale. What keeps me awake at night is that numbers of Americans buy these things, read them and then go vote. That worries me no end!

As I said at the outset; I am making a joke.

The fact is that the National Inquirer and similar rags stay in business and sell to hundreds of thousands of casual shoppers is an indication the Inquirer staff have a keener insight into the standards and concerns of Middle America than do Harvey Weinstein and the deplorable Hollywood Elite. And what stories do the Inquirer editors choose to invest their time and broadcast with the headlines plastered on the front pages of their publication?

The National Inquirer and other similar supermarket tabloids focus on stories that paint the sexual antics and amoral couplings in Hollywood with contempt and disdain. The Inquirer does not publish stories that celebrate Hollywood’s sexual debauchery and amorality. Inquirer stories gleefully report on Hollywood bed hopping and sexual promiscuity as contrary to the norm of every day middle America’s experience. Readers may get a thrill from reading in the Inquirer of Harvey Weinstein’s latest sexual perversions, but the Inquirer stories come to close by condemning Harvey Weinstein for his depravities. Americans, when push comes to shove, have no sympathy for the direction Harvey Weinstein and his Hollywood cronies and acolytes of the Tinsel Town Snake Pit have chosen for their lives.

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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