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Tandra Page 1528, Editor Needed

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

We all know you cannot edit your own stuff. When you read a written observation over in search of errors or mistakes you often read what you know should be there rather than the dumb and irresponsible words actually on the page. Luckily, Spell-check does not make allowance for my stupidity. Spell-check simply looks to see if a word is correctly spelled and runs up a flag if the word is incorrect. Of course the problem arises when the error in spelling happens to be correct for a different word, one I did not intend to use. Even Spell-check can’t fix everything, but it certainly helps to minimize errors.

But there should be a Statute of Limitations on out right moronic behavior.

And Spell-check has got nothing to do with it!

This is ten months into 2017 and I have finally become aware that my Sunday “What’s New” Observations have been tagged with the year designation 2015. I have not gone back to investigate as to how long this has been the case, but probably since the first Sunday of this year when I hit the Five rather than the Seven as punching in the number of the new year.

It works like this; rather than create a page from whole cloth, I copy the previous page of a series by hitting “save as” and then replace the old material with new. Anything that remains the same I do not tinker with. Material that is to be changed and updated I delete and replace with new verbiage. Insofar as dates are concerned, I replace the month date while leaving all else the same. With the new month I replace both month and day number. I hardly ever look at the year after January has passed. That was apparently my mistake through all of this year since January.

Of consequence all of the Sunday “What’s New” headings have carried the 2015 year date.

Everyone needs an editor!

Thankfully, I appear to have not made the same blunder with the “Tandra Notes” Newsletter sent to subscribers each week. When January last came around I did, in fact, update the year to 2017 properly.

Thankfully there appear to be limits to my gross incompetence!

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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