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Tandra Page 1528, Out Of The Closet

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Former President George W. Bush came out of the closet this past Thursday with an attack against the policies of President Donald J. Trump. The former president and tail-wagging, hand-licking lap dog of the Saudi Regime who secretly and promptly escorted high profile Saudi Officials out of the country for their own protection immediately after the Nine-Eleven attack which was organized, funded and carried through primarily by the Saudi Government has kept a low profile since leaving office in January 2009 by following the announced policy that former Presidents should not make public speeches that second guess and criticize the actions of the new administration. Obviously, as regards President Donald J. Trump, that hands off policy is no longer operational.

It is interesting to note that Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama had absolutely no problem with blaming his every failure and short coming on former president George W. Bush. In contrast, Obama took full credit for the occasional success he enjoyed. But, while Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama was blaming his every disaster on Bush and his policies, George W. never once opened his mouth to fire back at Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama. George W. Bush chose to take the high road.

Bush did, during the 2016 Presidential Campaign, make the highly public announcement he would never vote for Donald J. Trump for President. I remember no publicity release from the Bush camp that George W. voted rather for Hillary (The Wicked Witch Of The Left) Clinton, but one can speculate that the Bushes thought Crooked Hillary the preferred candidate to The Donald. But otherwise, Bush the W has kept his mouth shut, until now.

Fans of George W. Bush in particular and of the Bushes in general have made speculation that George W. remains annoyed and bent out of shape because Donald J. Trump was unkind in some of the things The Donald said about candidate Jeb Bush and that poor fragile Jeb got his little feelers hurt. Poor baby! For certain persons, personal feelings and insults are of primary concern over the fate of a nation. Who gives a damn if the country goes to Hell in a hand-basket only don’t make unkind remarks about me! People with oh so fragile personalities should never opt to run for public office. The Oval Office requires a very thick skin and, if one thinks the pre-election barbs are ruinous, wait to see what comes at you once you are in office!

But it is not the unfair treatment of poor baby brother Jeb that has George W. Bush’s panties all in a wad. The issue that has George the W all in a rage is that Donald J. Trump has rejected the One World Government Religion to which most of the occupants of the Beltway Swamp bend the knee in single minded worship.

It should not be forgotten that George H. W. Bush is remembered as the president who first openly declared for the “New World Order”. I made comment at the time a “New World Order” is a vision of a world where the Elite clique gives the Orders and the rest of us exist only to obey the “Smartest People In The Room”.

It is not for personal animosity nor for insult to sibling that George W. Bush has felt the call to attack President Donald J. Trump right out in full view of God and everybody. The issue that has at long last called George the W to the front lines and inspired this attack is that President Donald J. Trump has rejected the one religion to which George W. Bush is faithful beyond all others.

Donald J. Trump has rejected the dream of the New World Order and the One World Government where the Elite rule and everyone else is condemned to serve.

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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