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Tandra Page 1529, October 22, 2017

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This commentary is titled; CONTROLLING THE NARRATIVE

When you accept the icons of evil you accept the standards of evil; and when you accept the standards of evil you become slaves to evil.

I opened the observation last week with the above cautionary statement, more or less. Thinking on it after the piece was sent out in the Tandra Notes newsletter, I decided to revise the statement as you see above. I decided the word “icon” fit the spirit of the admonition better than the previously chosen “hero” because, by definition, “hero” is a concept of which the Liberal Regressive Clique have no concept. For the Liberal Progressives there are no individuals of importance. The Liberal Regressive world view is all about identity and masses. Heroes need not apply.

Which brings me to an observation concerning the topic of which I wrote last week which is the revision of history to fit the contemporary narrative being pushed at the moment by those who control the media. Last week I was investigating the conventional wisdom as regards the origin and birth of the Republican Party and the national idolatry of one “Honest” Abe Lincoln, a man obsessed with the acquisition of power and who possessed the single outstanding ability to issue the most outrageous lies with a straight face.

A measure of this monster’s perfidy is that he remains the icon of those who worship at the altar of an all powerful centralized totalitarian state. If you have any doubts as to “Honest” Abraham Lincoln’s true character, observe the nature of those who idolize him and understand the reasons for their uncritical worship.

But “Honest” Abe Lincoln and his war to fundamentally transform this nation into a totalitarian state ruled from the Smartest People In The Room residing in the Beltway Swamp is not the only part of our history being feverishly re-written by those convinced they, and they alone, are qualified to direct the fate of the American Populace while We, the People, exist only to serve. As John F. Kennedy famously instructed, “Ask not what your elected officials can do for you. Ask rather how you can best serve your officials.”

It is reported famous faux-historian Ken Burns has released an award winning video version of the history of the Viet Nam War. That this recent re-imagining of the Viet Nam Conflict was released to National Public Broadcasting pretty much tells you all you need to know about this fictionalized propaganda piece.

In the Ken Burns version of history, the United States was the uncontested villain of the war while the Viet Namese Communists were the unquestioned “good guys”, victims one and all of the terrible and unconscionable aggression of the evil people of the criminal nation known as the United States. To hear Ken Burns tell it; the soldiers of the United States were besotted agents of evil through and through who made war on women and children while the communists were, to a person, kind hearted patriots who only wished to be left alone to tend their rice fields and raise their families while the Americans were vicious creatures of unrepentant debauchery in the service of a corrupt regime.

Does anyone find it enlightening that, when foreign political leaders make war upon their own people, slaughtering innocent women and children, they are persons of unrepentant evil supported and financed by the United States War Machine? But when “Honest” Abe Lincoln made war on innocent women and children, when his troops raped and pillaged and burned the South in “Honest” Abe’s grab for power, these actions of an unrepentant war criminal elevated “Honest” Abe to a moral plane several levels above God Almighty himself.

The problem for Ken Burns and his fellow controllers of the narrative is that documents remain in hard copy made by the men who were there and who observed the truth of what was happening first hand. There is much destruction of authentic records that must be accomplished before the false narrative of the re-imaginers of history can have their false narratives accepted as fact.

May the sun always shine on your parade!

Next Week; Earthian David Galon was directed into a trap by his friend Linc Barintine, but things did not proceed as expected and Galon attacked his would be captors. In the meantime, Wolan, son of Golat, followed at a distance only to happen upon the brawl late in the game. Now, anything can happen! Don’t fail to read Tandra Page 1530. Check in beginning Monday, October 23, 2017. Experience the continuing story updated every day at

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