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Tandra Page 1529, Jailbird Hillary

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

I was listening to the news this morning as I fixed breakfast and I heard someone waxing eloquent about the Russian Connection and how it has turned out that a number of those searching desperately for a connection to Russia as regards how it was Vladimir Putin stole the Election from Hillary (The Wicked Witch Of The West) Clinton and gave it to Donald J. Trump have discovered the true Russian Connection and it turns out to have nothing to do with Trump. As it has developed, the Russian Connection is all about the Clinton Crime Family and the selling of twenty percent of America’s Uranium to a Russian company.

Suddenly, for some obscure reason no one can understand, the State Run Media, all at once, has no interest in Russia! (Russia? Russia? What is that? We never heard of no Russia!)

The State Run media that was all in for discovering everything that could be revealed or invented about Russia suddenly find they have no interest in Hillary and Bubba and their connection to Russia whatsoever.

And the Clinton Crime Family are not the only persons implicated in the “biggest political scandal in U. S. History”. The Crooked Clintons could not possibly have pulled off a corruption scandal this big and far reaching without a lot of help from interested parties. Not surprisingly, the trail of corruption and money leads all the way to the Oval Office of the previous administration. It’s not that we have the proverbial “smoking gun” as regards Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama, at least not yet. But it stretches credibility beyond the snapping point to suppose the Beltway Messiah knew nothing of this criminal and treasonous deal until he heard about it in the evening news. I mean, Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama first heard about every thing, every scandal, every under the table deal, about his annual dental check-up, about his daughter’s birthday party first on the Six O’clock News.

Do I think Crooked Hillary will be finally brought up on charges? Do I believe in the Good Tooth Fairy? Of course not!

But still I think Hillary (The Wicked Witch Of The West) Clinton would look simply stunning in an orange pantsuit.

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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