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Tandra Page 1530, Hef

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Hugh Hefner is dead at long last. He was 91. Hefner acquired a set of nude photos of Marilyn Monroe, cashed in on his experience working for Esquire Magazine, jumped on board the sexual revolution train,published Playboy Magazine, acquired a substantial fortune and became an American Icon. But success breeds imitation and men with less ability and imagination than Hef and with far less restraint came on the scene with material more extreme than that with which Hef was comfortable and Hugh Hefner passed the second half of his life playing catch-up in an industry he had popularized.

Playboy, the magazine that made Hef popular and rich, was not the first publication to show pictures of naked women, but it was the first slick, glossy periodical. A few years after Playboy became a publishing success, the stands were flooded with slick magazines that were more explicit and far less professional than Playboy and Hef was lost in the crowd. Hef maintained his specialized niche for the remainder of his life, but he was never to regain his innovator icon status. There was too much competition. Because of Playboy, and the deterioration of the American Culture, the supply of young women willing to strip down and pose before a camera exceeded the demand and pictures of naked women doing everything of which the debauched mind can conceive became available everywhere. Hef and Playboy were lost in an over crowded field.

As a college age kid, I thought Hugh Hefner was rather cool. I mean, from the perspective of an eighteen year old, what’s not to like about a successful dude surrounded by a bevy of cute naked women? But Hef over stayed his sell-by date. What looks impressive for a well dressed and decent looking man in his prime begins to look pretty silly for a man in his sixties and beyond.

When push comes to shove, Playboy Hugh Hefner, icon of the sexual revolution, was a sad and lonely old man. For all the women Hef is reported to have bedded, he never found the one person to whom he was willing to commit his life and to whom he could give all his love and devotion. Women, for Hugh Hefner, remained throw away sex toys and objects good for nothing more than a casual one night stand. What a sad commentary for a lonely and isolated man who could have had his pick of the most desirable women in the world if only he had sought out a human relationship rather than a parade of mindless sex toys.

I was at the grocery store yesterday and there, at the check-out lane, was a slick publication from Time Magazine celebrating the life and influence of Hugh Hefner. Right along side was the National Inquirer with yet another expose of the life and debauchery of Hollywood Mogul Harvey Weinstein. It was not lost on me that the one was a direct enabler of the other. It’s not that Harvey Weinstein would not have existed without Hugh Hefner and the Playboy Empire. There have been depraved man preying upon women for all of human history. But Hugh Hefner and Playboy, with the philosophy that reduced women to animated sex toys, gave Harvey Weinstein a sense of moral legitimacy. Without Hugh Hefner and the empire he conceived and exploited, Harvey Weinstein would have been less brazen and less defiant of his predatory practices as regards women.

Hugh Hefner, celebrated by Time Magazine, gave justification to the sexual predator condemned by the National Inquirer supermarket tabloid.

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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