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Tandra Page 1530, Hollywood Hell

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

You care to understand the perfect Liberal Regressive utopia, the society men would initiate without God? Look no farther than Hollywood.

The lid has been ripped off Hollywood recently with the Harvey Weinstein Sex Scandal and continues with Actor Kevin Spacey’s admission he sexually molested a young boy years ago. When confronted with his depravity, Spacey responded with the standard Hollywood disclaimer, “It was a long time ago and I don’t remember. In any case I was drunk!” Then Spacey checked into re-hab. Actually, Kevin Spacey is not much at all sorry for assaulting a young boy but Spacey is terribly sorry he got caught.

Faced with confrontation over a long and depraved life, the “King of Cool” Steve McQueen took a different path. Steve McQueen accepted Jesus Christ as his Personal Savior and began attending church. But none of this reactionary religious stuff for Kevin Spacey. Spacey chose to hide out in re-hab for a few weeks until the heat is off, then he plans to return to depravity as normal for the Hollywood Set. Kevin Spacey expects to face no lasting negative consequences for his outing as a serial sex offender. Spacey and Weinstein are in no wise anomalies in Hollywood. Indeed these two are the standard norm where depravity, booze, drugs and the treatment of women and children as disposable sex toys is standard operational procedure. There is indeed every reason Kevin Spacey (as well as Harvey Weinstein) will suffer no lasting reversal in their careers because of these sex scandals. They exist in a Liberal Regressive world in which depravity is the standard moral norm and in which being called out is no more than a minor road bump on a depraved career path.

This recent flood of scandals is nothing new. Supermarket tabloids have built a publishing empire reporting the sexual depravities of the Hollywood Elite. Every week the National Inquirer and other similar publications have front pages full of headlines high lighting the antics of Hollywood’s depraved.

Nor is this depravity of recent development. The extreme debauchery of Hollywood traces back through the famous Errol Flynn statutory rape trial to the infamous Fatty Arbuckle scandal. Hollywood has never been a paragon of virtue. Hollywood has been forever the Devil’s Playground.

One can understand, within limits, how it is Hollywood comes by its trademark depravity, sexual and otherwise. When one takes up residence in Sodom and everyone with whom one associates is morally compromised, debauchery becomes the expected norm. Actors and artists have forever been morally compromised. Debauchery comes with the territory and it is an open question if the Hollywood types become morally compromised after they migrate to Tinsel Town or if they gravitate to Hollywood Hell because they have no moral compass to begin with and only seek out their own. I suspect the actual case is a little of both.

But, for almost a century, Americans have allowed Hollywood to dictate our national moral standards by rewarding their depravity with our attention and with our money at the box office. It is time Americans reversed course and demand the Hollywood Elite take their moral signals from us for a change.

Americans should cease in rewarding Hollywood for its depravity and with hold our financial support until Hollywood understands that Tinsel Town’s survival depends upon them adopting our Judeo-Christian moral standards and Americans will no longer submit to the debauchery popularized in Hollywood Hell.

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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