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Tandra Page 1531, November 5, 2017

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This commentary is titled; IN DEFENSE OF KILLERS

The headlines this week informed us that “a truck struck and killed eight persons in lower Manhattan and injured numerous others”.

No one appeared willing to admit the killer who drove the truck was a devout disciple of the “Religion Of Peace”. Even though he was shouting “Allahu Akbar” for all to hear, authorities again had no clue as to his motive. Had he been fired from his day job as hamburger flipper at Wendy’s, had the girl he had the hots for refused his request for a date, did his dog die?

It’s the same story all over as with the Las Vegas shooter. The Smartest People In The Room have not a clue as to why these worshippers of Muhammad (PBOH), the perfect example of human conduct on Earth, might go out and slaughter people at random, but they know right away and without any doubt these killers were not motivated by the ideology that commands them to “lie in wait and kill the infidel wherever you find him.” Mebbe this is how they come to be The Smartest People In The Room. They have not a clue.

Of course the ultimate absurdity and what passes for intelligence among the Liberal Regressive set is the suggestion made by the headline noted above. It was the truck that murdered those eight New Yorkers. The driver was no more than an innocent victim the evil truck dragged inside and carried along on this murderous Jihad. The worshipper of Muhammad had nothing to do with this act of savagery.

There appears no limits beyond which the State Run Media will go to absolve Muslims from guilt. From hijackers of the Religion Of Peace to innocent victim kidnapped by an evil truck, the Dhimmitude Compliant State Run Media defends Muslim butchers from the ridiculous to the absurd. There is no pretzel into which they will not twist themselves in their mission to absolve the ideology of murder and slavery from guilt.

One cannot but believe that, for the Liberal Regressive Clique, the slaughter of Americans is of no consequence whatsoever. Insofar as the Liberal Regressives are concerned, the lives of Americans is the most worthless of commodities. This perception is re-enforced when we understand Planned Parenthood has totaled up over sixty-five million children slaughtered and sold for spare body parts and this slaughterhouse organization remains the one Liberal Regressives continue to support and promote to the bitter end. Liberal Regressives were shocked...shocked, I tell you by the blood bath in Las Vegas, demanding guns be removed from American hands. In the meantime, last month, South Chicago passed the half a thousand mark homicides for 2017 with Blacks slaughtering Blacks, and we heard not one peep of protest from the Liberal Regressives nor from Black Lives Matter. Apparently Black Lives matter not so much if Black Slaughter cannot be used to advantage for the Liberal Regressive agenda.

And what is the take-away when Liberal Regressives cry out against the slaughter of innocents only when the blood and horror can be utilized to advance their anti-gun agenda. The obvious conclusion is that Liberal Regressives care not a whit for the slaughter of innocents. Liberal Regressives care only about disarming Americans and making Americans easy targets for thieves and murderers.

Why would Liberal Regressives advance such an agenda?

Because, in their hearts, Liberal Regressives are themselves thieves and murderers awaiting their opportunity to rob and kill victims who have had any means for protecting themselves removed by Liberal Regressive anti-gun laws.

May the sun always shine on your parade!

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“Even God can’t please everyone, so I don’t try very hard.” - Traditional


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