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Tandra Page 1531, Comic Book Diversity

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

I made observation yesterday about the precipitous drop in comic book sales and here I am again kicking the same dead horse. There’s reason for my concern. Tandra’s continued success and growing fan base is not directly dependent upon the financial health of Marvel and DC. Strictly speaking, Tandra is not a comics series. Tandra is an illustrated story. But, for a number of readers, Tandra is included with comics as a similar form of light reading and, also, a large percentage of Tandra Readers come to this site from having read comic books. Of consequence, I have an interest in the health, or lack of, in the comic book market.

Main Stream Comic Book Publishers have recently made the decision to jump on the Politically Correct Social Justice Band Wagon with the consequence that comic book sales have dropped by around 25%. These companies may be, as some apologists make claim, creating some excellent stories, but no one wants to read them and, in consequence, sales are off.

On its face, the claim that comic book publishers are producing excellent stories rings hollow. Comic books have never been given high marks for story and plot. The high profile stars of comic books have been forever the illustrators. The super star writers of comics can be counted on the fingers of one hand with digits to spare.

In any event, the claim is made that publishers can persuade their alienated fan base to return by bringing back the trashed characters the fans once loved and who were unceremoniously kicked to the curb to be replaced by representatives of various politically correct pressure groups. Does anyone rationally expect the return of Peter Parker to the Spider-man costume will re-open the doors of locked and darkened specialty shops? If you have such convictions, I have some prime beach front property in Tennessee to sell you. Trust me, it ain’t gonna happen!

Apologists have made argument that comic book publishers have a long history of jumping on board with the latest popular fad and milking it for what it’s worth, then returning to the old formula when the fad of the moment failed to boost the bottom line. That’s what comic book publishers do. It should also be remembered that the comic book industry has a history over some sixty-five years of falling sales and shrinking markets. As a consequence of comics publishers hanging their hopes on failed marketing strategies there is hardly any place in America the casual impulse buyer is likely to happen by accident upon a display of comics pamphlets, and the specialty shops where comics are available are fast vanishing.

One has to wonder why the hell a company would kick the loyal fans in the gut by trashing the characters fans care about and replacing them with annoying variants no one likes nor has any investment in with the hope of attracting a sector of the population that has no interest in comics and that never darkens the door of a comics specialty shop. And this passes in the comics industry as a genius marketing plan? Gimme a break!

As example of the Smartest Editors In The Room, Marvel Execs decided to introduce their new icon to comic book diversity with Ms Marvel billed as a Pakistan Muslim Immigrant Super Hero. Who thought it was a great marketing ploy to put on the stands a new character with the same profile as the Boston Marathon Bombers?

But Marvel Executives have long deluded themselves that “Marvel Zombies” will purchase any title the company sticks in front of them. Editors conceived the character, then went hunting a bona fide Muslim immigrant to write the title. With considerable manufactured fanfare, the title was launched to acceptable numbers and has been dropping in sales since. October numbers for the title are reported to be 16,000 copies nation wide. Marvel makes claim that Trade Paperback collections of Ms Marvel are making sales history and digital sales are through the roof. Of course, there is no confirmation for the digital sales numbers. Marvel can pull any number they like out of the air with no challenge.

But the question arises as to why Marvel Executives thought it was a great idea to create a character who is faithful to an ideology that holds up a mass murderer, a pedophile, a misogynist, a slave trader and a serial betrayer as the “Perfect Example Of Human Conduct”. (PBUH) The answer is that Ms Marvel is no factual Muslim. Her Muslim identity is only superficial and false. Ms Marvel is an example of Muslim Taqiyya (lying to the infidel to paint a false picture and advance the cause of Islam). Marvel Executives know this full well. They only hope the faithful “Marvel Zombies” are too stupid to understand the truth. Mebbe they are, but Ms Marvel sales numbers suggest the “Marvel Zombies” are catching on and rejecting Marvel’s taqiyya campaign.

But one is moved to wonder why Marvel Executives would go full force to push a title that stands, by nature of its public image, in opposition to everything Americans believe in; to our Constitution, to our value system and to our way of life.

That the House Of No Ideas And No Moral Compass would publish and promote Ms Marvel and other similar titles demonstrates how far removed Marvel Executives have become from Main Stream and Patriotic Americans.

If this is Marvel, I seriously see no way back to financial viability for the company.

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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