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Tandra Page 1531, Diversity Is Betrayal

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Liberal Regressives are all aflutter about diversity. Diversity is the Liberal Regressive watch word, it’s their standard of moral purity. If you fail to embrace diversity, scream the ideologically pure and the politically correct, you are an evil and depraved person unfit for association with polite society. The Smartest People In The Room look down upon you with unconcealed contempt.

This slobbering love affair with diversity springs from the perverse moral equivalency syndrome, that the rapist and his victim have the same moral standing, that the mugger and his victim are equally guilty, that the murderer and the dead victim both share equal guilt for the crime.

By the standard of moral equivalency, it is not difficult to discover wherein lies the advantage and where lies the disadvantage. In declaring evil as the moral equivalent of virtue, evil has everything to gain while virtue is forced into retreat. In blaming the victim for rape, as does Islam, the blame for the crime is shifted from the perpetrator to the victim. “If she had not been wearing provocative clothing, had not been in the wrong place, had not been out alone without her male relative protecting her, had stayed in her home behind locked doors, her presence and allure would not have provoked her attacker to molest her.” The same moral equivalency can be applied to the mugged man and his assailant; if the man had not been in the back alley the robber would have not been tempted to attack him. If Jews did not exist, Arabs would never think to hate them nor to call for their extermination.

Because virtue has nothing to gain from moral equivalency and evil gains everything, it is a simple matter to observe the leanings of those who advance this perverse agenda. Moral equivalency holds no attraction for the woman of virtue, but is extremely attractive for the brute who finds the prospect of forcing himself upon women, even for those who do not translate their secret desires into actions. The brute can imagine that, if he should release himself to his fantasies, his crimes may not necessarily be his own fault. He can justify himself that the woman tempted him beyond his abilities to restrain his sexual urges. The woman made him do it!

The same distorted reasoning holds for the mugger and the Jew hater and for any brute who wishes to justify his amoral desires. The fault lies not with the perpetrator but with the victim. Killer Devin Patrick Kelley was not truly at fault for the murders at Sutherland Baptist Church. He was provoked by those insufferable Christians and their intolerant God.

If moral equivalency is the standard and the various members of differing political pressure groups have conflicting objectives, then it follows, as night follows sunset, that all desires are equally valid and to be unfailingly respected. Thus no moral code is superior to any other moral code. Virtue is by no standard superior to depravity. One must accept all world views as equal and it is bigoted to prefer one set of values above another. Thus the non-judgmental embrace of diversity and the betrayal of self worth. If all values are equal, then the value the diversity champion holds is in no wise superior to the values of the most depraved brute alive.

Thus we find the diversity crowd betraying themselves to the depravities of the most vicious cultures on the face of the planet. When you refuse to defend virtue you soon find yourself championing the most depraved evil of which vicious men are capable!

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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