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Tandra Page 1531, Rats In A Corner

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

The corrupt Beltway Establishment has soiled itself repeatedly over Alabama U. S. Senate candidate Roy Moore, and I do not refer to the Democrat operative manufactured “inappropriate touching of an under age woman” accusation created and spread by the State Run Media. A news report makes claim Republican leaders (read; Swamp Insiders) fear baseless allegations paraded in public by four complicit tools of Democratic Party leaders will tarnish the “Republican brand”.

What are these clowns smoking? The so-called “Republican brand” is, as I type this, already tarnished beyond reclamation by the treasonous and self serving Beltway Republican Swamp Rats who visualize government political positions as first and foremost the preferred method to enrich themselves and rob this country blind. If it required a thimble full of patriotism and love of country to fly around the world, the Beltway Pirates do not possess, among the lot of them, enough to get out of sight!

Alabama U. S. Senate candidate Roy Moore is everything the Swamp Rats are not and what they are, lying treasonous Quislings out to enrich themselves by any underhanded method available, is precisely what Alabama U. S. Senate candidate Roy Moore is not. The Quisling Pirates of the Beltway Swamp are terrified of Alabama U. S. Senate candidate Roy Moore for precisely the exact reason Dracula shrinks in terror from a crucifix. They fear Alabama U. S. Senate candidate Roy Moore will expose and ruin their tawdry and treasonous get-rich-quick-at-taxpayer-expense schemes should Alabama U. S. Senate candidate Roy Moore succeed in his campaign to win the Alabama Senate race and come to the Beltway. Swamp rats fear Alabama U. S. Senate candidate Roy Moore will bring the Beltway Gravy train to a halt and end the Political Establishment’s free ride.

Thus the wholly manufactured tale of sexual miss-conduct against Alabama U. S. Senate candidate Roy Moore from women of questionable character and who have a history of bringing false charges against political enemies is a fantasy born of desperation. Thus the disgusting demonstration of Beltway Quislings without a shred of integrity gleefully piling on to destroy a man who has more integrity and honourable character than can currently be found in the whole of the Beltway Swamp. Aside from the fact that the deplorables of the Beltway Swamp correctly see Alabama U. S. Senate candidate Roy Moore as their sworn enemy, a primary factor in the Political Establishment’s joyful eagerness to destroy this good and decent man over fabricated charges of sexual miss-conduct is that the vast majority of them are the sort of slime that have gained position while leaving in their wake numerous women who have been the target of their own predatory sexual practices. A huge percentage of our “public servants” of the Swamp have themselves paid off and settled out of court charges brought by women from their own dark past. Being sexually compromised themselves, they cannot imagine a man of character who has remained faithful to one woman for all of his life. Such a man is simply beyond comprehension for these debauched Swamp Rats. For them, the likes of Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey and Bill Clinton are their standards of normal male conduct. They can conceive of no other.

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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