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Tandra Page 1532, The Devil’s Disciples

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

“Public service is an honourable profession,” so said Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton also said, “I did not have sex with that woman.”

It is of interest to observe the Beltway Swamp’s response to reports of Bubba having an intern in the Presidential Palace giving him a “blow job” while he was sitting in the Oval Office as opposed to the unilateral condemnation of Alabama U. S. Senate candidate Roy Moore after a couple of bimbos were persuaded to come forth and make public accusations that Roy Moore “touched one of them inappropriately” when she was under age.

Again we have the public record of the Swamp’s enthusiastic defense of Bubba’s “blow job” as compared to universal condemnation from questionable sources as concerns Alabama U. S. Senate candidate Roy Moore. There are also reliable reports that Bubba took numerous trips with his good friends to a “Lolita's Paradise Island” in the Caribbean. Did we get a firestorm of outrage over that “inappropriate” trip? (Queue to crickets chirping.)

And how about reports from reliable witnesses that the “Hero of Camelot” regularly attended private parties stocked with booze, drugs and underage girls? Where are the Guardians of the Public Moral Standard as regards the activities of one of their wondrous icons? (Again, crickets chirping.) Obviously the zealous protection of the virtue of underage girls is not a high priority for the Beltway Swamp. They only trot out the Moral Outrage Card and put on their threadbare little dog and pony show when, by doing so, they can damage their enemies.

And Alabama U. S. Senate candidate Roy Moore is definitely a sworn enemy of the Beltway Quislings and their lap dog State Run Media. As does Bubba Clinton who insisted, “Public service is an honourable profession,” which means in consequence and by comparison that mugging a victim in a New York City is also an honourable act, the overwhelming majority in the Beltway Swamp define “public service” as selling out everything in this nation that is not nailed down for personal profit and then ripping out the nailed down stuff to the bare walls and auctioning those items in a fire sale. That, gentle reader, is “public service” as defined and practiced by the looters of the Beltway Swamp.

Alabama U. S. Senate candidate Roy Moore is the opposite of that persuasion and that is the reason the Swamp has such a pathological hatred (and fear) of him. Roy Moore, once in office, might put a cramp in the style of the Swamp Rats and derail the Beltway Gravy Train. Inappropriate sex, underage or not, has got nothing to do with it!

The “inappropriate sex” the Beltway Swamp can forgive. Sincere virtue and integrity they cannot and will not!

(Please note my ISP was down yesterday and there was no Sunday “What’s New” posted. I’ll save it until next Sunday and post it at that time. Sorry for the inconvenience. These things happen when you depend upon a third party.)

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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