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Tandra Page 1532, Lynch Mob

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Numerous Beltway Swamp Establishment Elites must be kicking themselves that they wasted thirty million dollars to rid themselves of Judge Roy Moore in the recent Alabama political campaign, wherein Judge Moore won easily over the Establishment Rat, when it is so much cheaper to buy a parade of bimbos who will say anything requested of them for much less cash under the table. The people of Alabama are, by and large, wonderful patriotic Americans but, within any cross-section of human beings, it is always possible to find those without scruples who will make any claim if the price is right.

The Beltway Swamp Set are a different situation, of course. The Swamp is the largest concentration of amoral and cowardly Quislings on the face of the planet and they have been running in panic from Judge Roy Moore for years. There have been numerous attempts to take him down. If there are decent and patriotic Americans among the Beltway Swamp Rats, they are a tiny minority. Some underhanded and illegal maneuvers have succeeded in the short term, but Judge Roy Moore has climbed back from the floor and rejoined the fight for America and for Americans every time. Now, with Judge Roy Moore setting his sights on the Senate, the Swamp Rats have taken to running in circles and screaming in terror. Numerous high profile Swamp Rats have wailed that if Judge Roy Moore comes to the Senate, the jig is up and the game is over. The Swamp Rats are toast. I sincerely doubt that is an accurate assessment on the part of these Quisling traitors. It is more likely blind panic talking. There is a limit to what one man can do to drain a corrupt swamp. But Judge Roy Moore would certainly put a crimp in their game and one Senator Roy Moore could encourage more like minded Americans to join the battle to drain the Swamp, and that is certainly a real world possibility. Thus, according to the Establishment, Judge Roy Moore must needs be destroyed.

It is no surprise the Republican Establishment jumped enthusiastically on the Lynch Judge Moore wagon while ink was still wet on the Washington Post hit piece. Were I a betting man, I would wager a considerable amount that Mitch McConnell was in on the smear campaign from the conception. McConnell may even have initiated it. I have no solid information to suggest such is the case, mind you, but I know Mitch McConnell by reputation and spearheading such a character assassination yellow journalism hit piece is consistent with McConnell’s character.

I have no idea how this whole sorry mess will play out. Since I wrote yesterday, accuser Beverly Nelson Young’s foster son has come forth to accuse Beverly Young of lying. Also, two more women are reported to have joined the Bimbo Brigade against Judge Roy Moore. I wonder if these women have been promised the Establishment will shield them from the legal consequences of false accusations and character assassination when this whole charade blows up in their faces. Again, knowing what I know about Mitch McConnell and his Quisling cronies, I’d suggest these bimbos lawyer up on their own dime and not depend upon the Beltway Rats to defend them.

For his part, Judge Roy Moore is not apologizing for his crimes and going into rehab while turning the contest over to the Swamp. Judge Moore’s lawyers issued a statement to the Alabama Press that there will be legal consequences if they continue to peddle lies about Judge Moore and Moore’s legal team have demanded access to Ms. Young’s high school yearbook that she makes claim has in it a written note from “D. A. Roy Moore”. (Judge Moore was not District Attorney at the time.)

The Beltway Lynch Mob is screaming for blood, but Judge Roy Moore refuses to go down without a fight. Judge Moore does not know the meaning of “surrender”.

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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