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Tandra Page 1532, Full Disclosure

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Factually, I am sick beyond words of the continuing Judge Roy Moore story. I suspect this sort of thing was to be expected from the Beltway Swamp when a good and decent man challenged their grip on power, but it is still disgusting to watch this thing play out. As I have said numerous times, the mere fact that Judge Roy Moore has succeeded in uniting Republicans and Democrats in a single campaign against one man is worthy of some comment. The consequence that the whole of the Beltway Establishment hates Judge Roy Moore and has united against Judge Moore is pretty much proof he is innocent of the charges leveled against him. Were he guilty, the Swamp would embrace him with open arms. He would fit right in!

The only charge that appears to have any validity is that Judge Moore dated teenage women of legal age when he was in his early thirties. The charge of sexual assault from one Beverly Young and her disreputable lawyer appear to have fallen apart. When asked on nationwide television if she would confirm authenticity of the note Judge Moore is reported to have written in Beverly Young’s High School Yearbook in 1977, the lawyer responded with a long rambling string of words that ultimately translates to; “No!” So even Beverly Young’s own lawyer will not defend her client.

The last report I heard yesterday was that Judge Roy Moore’s initial accuser, the one who made claim that Judge Moore “inappropriately touched her”, has vanished from public view. So what we now have is a string of women who dated Judge Moore way back when and make claim they did not enjoy his company. In counterpoint, we also have word from numerous women who passed time with Judge Moore and have only praise for his character and integrity. In fact, Judge Moore married one of those young women he dated back in the day and she is his wife today.

What remains is the claim that Judge Moore should not have dated women of legal age who were ten to twelve years younger. Judge Moore appears to have been aware there might be some possible issues of him going out with women in their late teens and made a point to first get permission from the girls’ mothers before asking them for a date.

I said this is full disclosure.

For some ten to twelve years I had a close (non-sexual) relationship with a girl twenty-five years my junior. She worked as a model and publicity agent for me. We attended trade shows and promotions together. She drew a crowd around the Tandra Concession.

This girl came to work with me because her mother suggested I make her a character in Tandra. Her family (mother, father and younger brother) were friends of mine. At the time she began to work with me she was around fourteen years of age. I first imagined a Tandra Character for her and then required some time to work that character into the Tandra narrative. All that time the girl kept asking when her character would make appearance. When I brought the character in, I always first phoned her mother to ask about setting up a photo session and I always took the photographs at her home with her parents in attendance. I never visited her alone in those days.

It was my idea it would be fun to include her in Tandra as she grew up, married, had children and matured.

We went to shows together and her mother always came along. I paid for their hotel room and their food. After she turned eighteen, her mother told me I should phone her daughter directly to ask for photo sessions and her mother also declined to continue to attend trade shows with us. I continued to provide a separate hotel room for the girl and I also paid for her meals. In addition I paid her to attend trade shows and promotional shows. I also paid for the photo sessions. My conditions from the first were she would be paid for her work. Though her mother initially offered to have her daughter work for free (We were good friends.), I insisted that without pay I would not employ her. From my perspective I know that free work quickly becomes tiresome and I wanted a long term relationship.

This person grew from a pretty girl into an astonishingly beautiful young woman over the years. Once, in Memphis TN, a friend was taking photographs of her for his own collection (He was a camera bug.) when a passerby stopped to observe briefly and inquired, “Miss Tennessee, right?” “Close, but not quite,” was my reply.

This young woman moved from home and into an apartment in Nashville TN. I would phone for a photo session and drive over to pass the weekend with her. I was alone with her in her apartment. I slept in a separate bedroom. This might appear questionable, but we had been good friends some ten years and had well defined boundaries. I might make claim to high moral principles and that was part of it, but her father was a BIG man and I had never seen him angry. I had no wish to give reason for that to change.

As I stated above, there is a quarter century difference in our ages and I considered a sexual relationship to be out of the question but, as it happened, she married a man several months still older than me. She moved half way across the country with her new husband and we lost touch, to a degree by my choice. I thought it possible her husband might invent reasons to resent me and I wanted to give no inspiration for friction between her and her husband.

To my best knowledge, she remains married to her husband and has a teenage daughter. I wish her continued happiness.

Times have changed. Today I would never pass the night in a woman’s apartment, not even in the guest bedroom. In fact, when I take photos of women today I have another person in the room at all times. I have not been alone with a woman in some half dozen years. In today’s climate the risks are too great.

But I do not condemn Judge Roy Moore for dating younger girls some ten to twelve years ago. Age is not always the only critical standard in a relationship. A male/female relationship is determined by the moral character of the participants and not by the age differences.

“Rule by the unaccountable is tyranny!”


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