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Tandra Page 1532, On The Run

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Included on the Doctor Strange DVD from Marvel Studios, the company inserted a short video in which the actor portraying Thor put in an appearance to preach to grade school kids the wonders and advantages of the homosexual agenda. I have come to tolerate a lot of depravity and absurdity from Tinsel Town, but recruiting grade schoolers to serve as fresh meat for dirty old Hollywood producers and directors as well as high profile film stars was a bridge too far. I’ve not seen a Marvel Movie since. I am not boycotting Marvel Movies. The problem is my stomach is not strong enough to watch actors on screen recruiting for degenerate pedophiles.

When the lady who trims my hair, what there is of it, asked if I have seen the most recent Marvel Flick, I explained why I have not, nor do I intend to. The lady was intrigued enough she looked up the actor of question who was in the pro-queer Marvel Video and explained the actor himself likes girls (age not specified), but his sympathies lie with the sexually deviate.

Now, while I am disgusted by a man who would lend his face to recruiting little boys for use by the sexually depraved, I can sort of understand if he is seeking fresh conquests for himself. But an actor who claims to not be interested for his own use in recruiting young boys for corn holing but lends his face and name to recruiting for others is a depravity beyond comprehension.

But there remains more to the story. Harvey Weinstein, famed Hollywood mogul and sexual pervert is said to be in line to be indicted this coming week. That is no big deal. Hollywood predators have been in court since Hollywood opened for business and started selling dancing light images in darkened houses. But here is a new wrinkle. Kevin Spacey, “A” list Hollywood personality and big time sex pervert is credibly accused of targeting under age boys, has confessed and gone into Rehab. That is not the interesting part. The interesting part that a movie starring Kevin Spacey is scheduled for Christmas release. Producers have pulled the movie and are having Kevin Spacey scenes re-shot with a different actor!

Takeaway; Hollywood execs are not quite so brazen flaunting their depraved antics these days. Public display sexual perversion inspires movie goers to stay home and not pay to see Hollywood product. In a year when Box Office traffic is in the pits already, producers are deciding they maybe should take their perversions back into the closet rather than display themselves on main street.

It’s a small victory to be sure, but when perversion begins to affect the bottom line, Tinsel Town makes play pretend to clean up its act.

It’s a small victory to be sure, but a victory nonetheless.

“Rule by the unaccountable is tyranny!”


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