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Tandra Page 1533, November 19, 2017

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This commentary is titled; CONVERSATION

(Note to readers; My Internet Service provider was down last Sunday. In consequence, I am sending out this Sunday the Tandra Notes intended for last week. My apologies for any inconvenience.)

“Good is a conversation. Good is not a unilateral decision.”

Translation; Neither good nor evil are absolute values and are ultimately interchangeable, depending upon the vagaries of public opinion. This is essentially the moral equivalency theology. This is essentially a silly putty moral code, a tumbleweed morality of which standards twist and turn, revolve and evolve at the mercy of any capricious breeze, a ship on the open seas without rudder or anchor, without chart or direction cast about by any random current until it is smashed upon the rocks of an unanticipated or unidentified shore.

This is the moral imperative of Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama who was opposed to same sex marriage until he suddenly “evolved” to be an advocate. (It is reliably reported the Beltway Messiah was a proponent of sexual deviancy all along but waited until assured it was safe to “come out of the closet” and confirm his true feelings.)

Or remember “Bubba” Clinton and his Oval Office Blow Job. “Bubba” has been for some twenty years the lion of human sexuality. All others were expected to recognize “Bubba” as the standard by which sexual relationships are judged. But now there is Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey and the disclosure that our morally pure Congress has paid out some fifteen million dollars of tax money over the past several years to keep the lid on (read; cover-up)our legislators’ particular predatory practices toward women. Can you believe it? Members of Congress hiding multiple sex scandals? Who’d a thunk it?!

Particularly who’d a thunk it after the wholesale condemnation by Congress against Alabama Judge Roy Moore after unsubstantial allegations against Judge Moore by bimbos of questionable repute.

Doncha see, good is a conversation and not a unilateral decision? In a Democracy the people decide what is good on any given day and may come to reverse that decision on the following day. That is the manner in which a silly putty moral code is put into operation. It’s the people who have a conversation to decide if the slaughter of babies and their body parts sold off to purchase exotic sports cars is a good thing or is considered to be evil. It’s the people who decide if a serial rapist in the Oval Office is the fresh new standard by which sexual propriety is judged or if “Bubba” will suddenly be tossed to the curb when the Clinton style of sexual debauchery comes to be out of fashion.

But, in a “democracy” of some 330 million souls, it is not practical to hold a “conversation”. Of consequence, it is not the people who decide on good and evil. Such weighty issues are inevitably decided by party bosses and by political hacks. The “conversations” are held by those paragons of virtue who make claim to represent the “people”, by those same morally pure Congresspersons who have paid out fifteen million dollars to cover up and hide their sexually predatory practices, the same Congressional types who take campaign funds from Harvey Weinstein and his partners in crime and who rush to answer the phone personally whenever a Harvey Weinstein or one of his debauched cohorts decides to phone in.

Are these really the sort of people, sexual predators rotten to the core who do not even know what is a moral compass, Americans are comfortable holding a conversation to decide what shall be determined to be good and what shall be condemned as evil?

May the sun always shine on your parade!

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