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Tandra Page 1533, Hedging Bets

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

“Women always think every man that comes along wants ‘em.” -comment by Hondo from the book of that name by American novelist Louis L’Amour.

It must be exciting to be so sexy and desirable that half the men in Alabama are running after you with their tongues hanging out. I noted yesterday there were more revelations being reported from the Judge Roy Moore episode in Alabama even as I was typing. Essentially, the reports were testimony from several witnesses that knew of the restaurant where one of the accusers of Judge Moore made claim to be employed when the Judge was said to have assaulted her. None of these witnesses had ever seen Judge Moore in the place even though Moore’s accuser made claim he was a regular customer and passed hours in the restaurant each night. Two witnesses were employed there at the time Judge Roy Moore is accused to be a nightly customer and another was actually a regular customer. None of these witnesses recall ever seeing Judge Moore in the restaurant.

Secondly, testimony of one of the witnesses challenges the accuser’s account of store hours, hiring policies and surroundings, specifically the location of the infamous dumpster leading to the obvious conclusion the accuser of Judge Roy Moore never worked in the restaurant, indeed she had never seen the place.

Another accuser making claim Judge Roy Moore sexually assaulted her turns out to be a serial accuser having made charges against numerous Alabama men over the years. Judge Roy Moore is just one more target in a long line for this woman with a questionable history.

And while we are considering allegations of sexual misconduct by Alabama politicians, the Democrats’ Moral Benchmark Candidate, the morally preferred alternate to debauched Judge Roy Moore is reported to have a questionable history of sexual misconduct himself. I am not personally convinced at this point of Democrat Doug Jones’ guilt. There appears no more solid evidence to convict Jones than there is to convict Judge Moore. What I do know is that Jones is, my his own admission, totally in with the slaughter of children, favourably disposed toward an ever bigger and more intrusive federal Government and opposed to Americans’ right to defend themselves from criminal assault. These are not allegations from questionable sources. These are issues wherein Democrat Doug Jones has made his convictions clear and unambiguous.

Another issue in this Judge Roy Moore controversy is the State Run Media has been proven complicit in the campaign to lynch Judge Roy Moore. The State Run Media are all in with the Beltway Establishment and are all out with the destruction of Judge Roy Moore. We knew of the biased strategy of the State Run Media all along, but the Judge Roy Moore lynching campaign has provided us with proof positive. There are numerous persons in Alabama who know Judge Moore, who stand with him, who can substantiate his good character. They have made themselves available to the media. The State Run Media does not want to hear from them, has refused to make public their testimony, has tried to shut them down.

I had an E-mail this morning from a confirmed Liberal Regressive forwarding a hit piece against Judge Moore as though one more establishment mouth piece with investment in the status quo was supposed to influence me that Judge Roy Moore is the second coming of Lucifer and that child butchers are saints. As I responded, that E-mail told me more about the originator of the hit piece (and the person who sent it) than it told me about Judge Roy Moore.

Sadly, even many of those who make claim of support for Judge Roy Moore feel the need to hedge their bets. They all make claim “I stand with Judge Roy Moore, if he is innocent of charges thrown at him by women with questionable motives.” Come again? That is no affirmation of support. That is covering your ass! No one admits to condemn Judge Moore (except possibly Mitch McConnell and his Beltway cronies) if he is proven without possible doubt to be innocent of the allegations hurled against him. There is not much chance that can happen short of the accusers coming out and saying flatly, “I lied! I made up the whole thing.” (Actually, Attorney Gloria Allred has factually said as much on live television.) But time is short and the Establishment is protecting their own. Any evidence the allegations against Judge Moore are baseless fantasy will continue to be squelched.

The Beltway Swamp (aka; Robbers’ Roost) is paradise for the Establishment Elite and anyone who threatens the Swamp’s powers and perks must be destroyed.

If you are not certain of the integrity of your friends, know the absolute depravity of your enemies!

I do not know Judge Roy Moore personally, but I know his public record for over forty years with the consequence that I trust to Judge Moore’s integrity. On the other hand I also know first hand the duplicity and depravity of Mitch McConnell and his cronies. I know these people will lie when the truth would serve them better. I make assumption, on the front end, that every word that slithers from their lips is a lie.

Of consequence, I stand with Judge Roy Moore unconditionally.

“Rule by the unaccountable is tyranny!”


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