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Tandra Page 1533, Lost In The Fog

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

“If ones morals are connected to one's politics does one really have any morals at all?” -from a contributor

The recent campaign by the entrenched political establishment to lynch Alabama Justice Roy Moore and the charges from certain of my readers that, in defending Judge Moore, I am advocating in favour of crimes against women and that my defense of Judge Moore is rooted in Party Politics rather than in any firmly held moral conviction has brought to memory an incident from several years previous.

Does anyone out there remember Bryan Singer, Hollywood Insider, Director of “Superman Returns” and numerous “X-men” films? I’ve no idea his political affiliation, if any, but if I took an educated guess I would expect he fits right in with the Liberal Regressive Hollywood Establishment. I would make guess Bryan Singer has preference for Hillary (Wicked Witch Of The Left) Clinton or Bernie (Out and Proud Marxist) Sanders and hates President Donald J. Trump and, if a thought of Alabama entered his mind, he would choose Avowed Child Butcher Doug Jones over Justice Roy Moore. Just guessing, but I’ve seen no evidence that would suggest otherwise. Bryan Singer is also an “out loud and proud” homosexual, or he was. Singer has since married and has a son of which he is very proud. Singer’s “X-men” films were used as a metaphor for homosexuals. Singer’s X-men Mutants were stand-ins for homosexuals, born that way in a world that does not understand them.

All this as lead up to reports that came out a few years back of allegations that Bryan Singer was recruiting under-age boys for his private sex parties. Because I like Bryan Singer’s movies, I did a bit of Internet searching and the information I found indicated the allegations against Bryan Singer were unsubstantiated and I defended Bryan Singer from the allegations made against him. I based my assumption of innocence on the conviction that a man in Singer’s high profile position could not possibly be so stupid as to place himself in legal jeopardy by such irresponsible activities. I also fell back on that old and anachronistic American Standard that proclaims a man innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Additionally, I remember Moses’ Law, which was re-affirmed by Jesus, that no man be condemned by less than two or three witnesses against him.

And, wouldja believe, I heard not a single peep from those of Liberal Regressive persuasion making accusations that, in defending Bryan Singer, I was advocating for sexually predatory crimes against young boys. Not one E-mail forwarded that made claim anyone who defended sexual predator Bryan Singer was doing so as demanded by his politics and that such depraved persons have factually no moral standards at all. Total and absolute silence! Not-One-Single-Word!

Fast forward to the Establishment Lynching of Judge Roy Moore with far less credible allegations in the case of Judge Moore (Moore’s two primary accusers are proven serial liars) than was the case with Bryan (Out Loud and Proud Homosexual, with a confessed taste for young men of legal age) and Liberal Regressives make claim that by applying to Judge Roy Moore the same standards of guilt or innocence I demanded for Liberal Regressive Bryan Singer I have substituted my moral compass for party loyalty. One could suggest Liberal Regressives so over eager to lynch Judge Roy Moore might wish to investigate the beam in their own eye before setting about to investigate the mote in the eye of someone else.

Just a suggestion.

“Rule by the unaccountable is tyranny!”


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