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Tandra Page 1533, Davis Bacon

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

I remember when my father proudly announced he had been granted an increase in salary from his employer and was making $23,000 per month. He was mebbe not quite rich, but he was well put and had no worries about paying the rent.

I just finished listening to a radio broadcast of which an economist was making complaint that $23,000 per month in these prosperous times is hardly enough to get by on.

It’s called inflation, government over producing paper currency for the end result that the currency falls in value to the point it is not really worth carrying around. Paper currency is not money. Paper currency is a paper check, not that different from the personal checks you carry around for the rare occasion that you find a plastic credit card is not practical so you take out your supply of paper checks and fill one out with the relevant amount written in and hand the paper over in payment for the product or service you wish to purchase. It is not the paper check that is of value. The paper check represents currency the bank holds in your account.

Neither is the official greenback you hand over to pay your debts currency either. The slip of paper with the drawing of George Washington, Lincoln, Jackson or Grant is a paper check that represents funds in the Federal Reserve Bank, except the check issued from the Beltway no longer represents actual gold nor silver currency. That was not always the case. Early on the Federal Government was required to hand over to you a value of gold or silver when you presented a paper check for conversion.

Not so any longer. Now paper currency is backed by nothing more than the prestige and integrity of the Federal Government, and you know precisely what the prestige and integrity of the Federal Government is worth. Government prestige and integrity plus five dollars will buy for you a fifty cent cup of coffee.

Every commodity seeks its intrinsic level and that includes paper used by a fraudulent government as currency. A kid could, within my memory, purchase a comic book for ten cents. Today a comic book costs five dollars. It is not the comic book that has changed in value. The Greenback has dropped in value like the proverbial rock.

In effort to make the fraudulent American paper currency look good, the government has instituted minimum wage laws. Davis Bacon was passed in 1931 for the purpose of propping up unions and to remove African Americans from the work force. Look it up. Various Congress persons of the time admitted such. Minimum wage laws continue for the same reason, to exclude targeted groups from wage competition and to give the Feds an advantage in the labour market.

Those removed from the opportunity to work are placed on the Government Dole and become dependent upon the regime for their food and housing. They become Entitlement Slaves at the mercy of the regime.

And you thought that slavery in this country was abolished by the Fourteenth Amendment. Silly you. The Fourteenth Amendment did no more than transfer ownership of slaves from Georgia Planters to corrupt Beltway Bureaucrats.

“Rule by the unaccountable is tyranny!”


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