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Tandra Page 1534, The Moral Universe

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

I had an E-mail note from a reader this morning calling me to task for defending Alabama Judge Roy Moore. The note made charge that my defense of Judge Moore is rooted in my conviction of a “moral universe” while his dismissal of Judge Moore and enthusiastic embrace of Child Butcher Doug Jones springs from this reader’s preference for an “amoral universe”. This reader makes the charge that my “moral universe” is based upon belief in a timeless omnipotent godhead and is, by definition, universal while the reader’s moral code is more personal. That means, of consequence, this reader’s moral code is whatever he wishes it to be at any time and in any place and is subject to arbitrary “evolution” into whatever his personal preferences happen to be at any given moment. This is a silly putty moral code subject to being stretched and twisted to fit the arbitrary circumstances of the situation at hand and responsive to irrational personal convenience.

Such a “moral code” is factually the negation of a moral code, the rejection of any moral code whatsoever. This is a range of the moment moral code without anchor and without standards. An “amoral code” is factually a moral code that does not exist. It is a moral code that declares; “In a democracy good is a conversation, not a unilateral decision.” It is a moral code of arbitrary choice, a code of moral relativism, a code that casts out virtue and embraces evil. An amoral universe is a universe sunk in depravity, a universe of savage predators, a universe of cannibal viciousness where the strong prey upon the weak and then are, in their turn, food for those stronger still until the King Of The Hill is the most vicious and the most depraved who holds precarious bloody power by his willingness to wade rivers of blood and climb mountains of corpses until he is brought down at last by another amoral butcher who rises to stab the ruler in the back and to steal his crown and position.

This is the code of the “amoral universe” of which my reader makes claim of infatuation. It is a universe that holds no moral preference if I should choose to shoot him in the head or if I should choose to give him water when he is thirsty. Moral equivalence, doncha know?

My reader gives argument he holds to the standard that what actually matters is how individuals treat each other. Oddly enough, in making such claim my reader is stealing from the conduct code of a moral universe, a conduct code he explicitly rejects as having no meaning for his personal standards. Jesus said; “Love...thy neighbour as thyself”. (Luke 10:27)

My reader makes claim the standards of a moral universe are on an even footing with the lack of standards of an amoral universe and, by so doing, flings his contempt toward a moral code of virtue while engaging in a slobbering love affair with the depravity of evil. This reader makes claim the standards of a moral universe can only be known by divine revelation, which suggests more about the perceptive abilities of worshippers of evil that it does about the universe which is indeed moral. It is not by arbitrary chance nor by accident the authors of our Declaration of Independence give identity to the Almighty as “Nature’s God”. A finely crafted watch, a well made automobile, an iconic novel, a classic painting give clear evidence of the character of the creator of the watch, the automobile, the novel, the painting. In like fashion the world about us and the universe beyond give absolute and verifiable evidence of the Creator and of His Attributes.

No one may make claim for an ignorance of God Almighty nor that His Universe is amoral without deliberately closing their stubborn mind to the evidence laid out in abundance before their eyes. Those who make denial of the evidence of God and who make claim for an amoral universe do so because they hate God and willfully embrace evil.

May God Almighty have mercy upon your souls.

“Rule by the unaccountable is tyranny!”


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