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Tandra Page 1534, Slave Traders

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

We hear much from Liberal Regressives as to how they are intolerant and opposed to slavery and as to how anyone who fails to condemn slavery with the same ideological zeal as the Liberal Regressive Clique is a card carrying member of Hillary (Wicked Witch Of The Left) Clinton’s “Basket Of Deplorables” and should be banished from polite society.

These same foot soldiers for diversity are generally the same crusaders who demand “open borders” for this country or, more explicitly, the total removal of borders. “Let ‘em come and sign ‘em up for entitlement support!” scream the perpetually compassionate. “Then give them their marching orders to support the Liberal Regressive Agenda!” The recipients of government entitlement hand outs are functionally slaves of the state. If a person is dependent for his food, his housing and his clothing, he will do precisely as the mouth piece of the state demands of him. Obviously the Liberal Regressive Clique has problems with slavery only if the slave is owned by a Georgia Planter. Slavery is just peachy keen in the event the slave is the bonded servant of Beltway Regressives.

Liberal Regressives are not the only classification of Americans who have a slobbering love affair with “open borders” and would prefer to have all borders removed from the map. The movers and shakers of industry are desperate for cheap labour and are eager to import low skill and illiterate workers from Third World countries to hold down low paying manufacturing jobs at a cost below the amount they would be required to pay for American labour. In effect, these imports are wage slaves provided by the Liberal Regressive Clique and subsidized with tax payer funds. What this amounts to is Americans being taxed to subsidize imported workers assigned to jobs denied to American citizens.

But that works just great for the Liberal Regressive enemies of America in that Americans denied work are added to the dole and become Entitlement Slaves at the mercy and under command from the Beltway Ruling Clique.

Add to this the slobbering love affair the Liberal Regressives have for Islam, an ideology that openly advocates slavery and the slave trade and you have a situation under which the loud proclamation from the Liberal Regressives begins to ring hollow. What it means is that Liberal Regressives are only opposed to slavery and the slave trade in the event Liberal Regressives are not owners of the slaves and are not masters of the slave trade. In the event Liberal Regressives are slave masters and slave traders, Liberal Regressives are all in with slavery.

“Rule by the unaccountable is tyranny!”


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