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Tandra Page 1579, The Blue Fizzle

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

As it happens, the Socialist/Communist Democrats are worried; in fact, they appear to be in a panic. No one can predict elections in advance, which is to say elections wherein the choice of voters actually count. Just remember, as example, 2016 wherein all the polls had Hillary (Wicked Witch Of The Left) Clinton the odds on favourite to waltz into the Oval Office. Wow, did that one ever miss the mark!

Never say die! The Socialist/Communist Democrats have been telling everyone within ear shot over the last several months that they are certain to take back both houses of Congress in the Mid-terms next month. The polls tell the Socialist/Communist Democrats this is true. How soon we forget the polls of days (and years) past. But the Socialist/Communist Democrats are overly optimistic, or are they?

Socialist/Communist Democrats claims they will certainly re-take Congress and, of consequence, impeach President Donald J. Trump, are sounding a bit shrill these days. One wonders if the Socialist/Communist Democrats are attempting to convince Americans of their much anticipated “Blue Wave” or if they are desperately attempting to convince themselves. The latter option grows ever more probable as Election Day draws nearer.

And then there is the Brett Kavanaugh Public Relations Disaster, a debacle for the Party of Deception and Murder. Indications are, from several fronts, that Socialist/Communist Democrats antagonized Republicans, Independents, the unaffiliated and even a number of card carrying Democrats in their broadside attack against now Associate Justice On The Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh.

Of course polls are no more reliable when the resulting numbers are favouring your side, but numerous polls make claim that Republicans are more energized than before the Kavanaugh Public Lynching, that Democrats in tight races across the Fruited Plains are no longer near even in numbers with their Republican opponents and that the gap is widening in favour of the Republicans. Quite naturally it remains the polls are no more accurate than were polls two years back when Hillary (Wicked Witch Of The Left) Clinton was certain of victory on election day, but it is worth noting that most polling firms are committed to the Socialist/Communist Democrats agenda and, if they are making claim the much anticipated “Blue Wave” is currently facing strong head winds, the prospects for the Socialist/Communist Democrats in November are likely much worse than Democrat favouring pollsters are likely to admit.

Obviously the final poll, the one we can all believe, comes on Election Day in November but, as things stand now, Socialist/Communist Democrats are likely to be crying in their beers come the morning after voting next month.

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