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Tandra Page 1602, Child Abuse

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Those who wish to rule over us have a vicious fetish for the slaughter of children. Numerous persons of high rank in the National Socialist Democrat Workers Party of America have advised that Party Members must give absolute and unconditional approval to the slaughter of babies or they are not welcome in the Party of Death and Deception.

But there is more to this depraved and vicious agenda than hatred of children in the womb. These degenerates favour the crippling and maiming of children who are miraculously able to survive the abortionist’s slaughterhouse. Once a child has survived birth, the National Socialist Democrat Workers Party advocates an agenda to destroy children both emotionally and morally once they are consigned to the Deep State run indoctrination system. If you are a parent, once you turn over your child to this regime’s indoctrination system, you no longer have any control over the kind of person into which your child will be molded.

It would be a hopeful sign if I could make claim that the Party of Death and Deceit has a lock on the national agenda of destroying children both physically and morally, but if I made that claim it would be false. The so-called “Party Of Lincoln” is in full support of the same depraved child abuse agenda as the National Socialist Democrat Workers Party of America. Republicans may “talk the talk” of the protection of children when these paragons of corruption and depravity are up for re-election, but you can be, with absolute certainty, guaranteed they will never “walk the walk”. Republicans are as committed to the corruption and destruction of children and to the fundamental transformation of this nation into a totalitarian Communist slave state as is the National Socialist Democrat Workers Party.

And America’s Deep State run indoctrination system is the instrument by which these ambassadors of evil intend to accomplish their depraved objective.

It is reported the legislature of the state of Illinois has in process a bill demanding the state indoctrination industry emphasize the contributions the sexually deviate have made to the building of this nation and it is said to be a slam dunk that the governor will sign it. Be absolutely guaranteed that, once in place, this law will rapidly morph into an agenda that makes claim this country was built only be the sexually degenerate. There will not be a mention of any person of positive moral character in any administration approved textbook nor identified in any class. The curriculum will be all about sexual depravity from wall to wall.

Be it known; if you are consigning your child to the state run indoctrination system, you are engaging in criminal child abuse. You are abandoning your child to an indoctrination system that declares to them there is no concrete objective truth and that reality is whatever their masters proclaim it to be at any moment and that what is can be totally reversed at any moment their handlers so decree. This is the ideology of servitude and those who preach it intend to be masters.

If you are the parent of a child that you care about at all, remove that child from the depraved and vicious state administered indoctrination system yesterday, if not sooner. The life and sanity of the child you love depends upon it!

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