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Tandra Page 1602, Self Made War Heroes

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Self Identified War Hero Former Senator John McCain is back in the headlines.

It would seem that President Donald J. Trump, no fan of self glorified Former Senator John McCain, made a public appearance this past week in which The Donald failed to deliver to the Hero of the Beltway Swamp the praise and honour Former Senator John McCain was in the habit of heaping upon himself and those who support Former Senator John McCain as the greatest of American War Heroes, as Former Senator John McCain preferred to designate himself, came out in force to defend the good name of their turncoat hero.

And an odd thing happened. Not everyone bent the knee in adulation to Self Proclaimed War Hero Former Senator John McCain. This time there were a few dissenting voices to remind us that spoiled brat Navy Pilot John McCain acted irresponsibly while a pilot in the Navy and could get away with acting the fool because his daddy was up the chain of command and protected his self indulgent son, that Navy Pilot John McCain was not on mission but was out joy riding when he was shot down, that Navy Pilot John McCain acted in a manner unbecoming to a prisoner of war while he was held by the enemy, that he maneuvered for special privilege, betrayed his fellow prisoners of war and gave aid and comfort to the enemy including making propaganda tapes for his captors. Not exactly exemplary conduct for a self proclaimed “war hero”.

General George Armstrong Custer of Little Big Horn fame had the same problem. General Custer was a self serving and flamboyant war hero who got himself into trouble and was wiped out, along with his troop, by American Indians in the famous last stand at Little Big Horn. For years Custer held to the reputation of gallant hero, an image polished and promoted by his widow. When the lady lay dying, she lamented that, without her to prop up her husband’s reputation he would be trashed by history, and that is essentially what happened. Historians began to investigate the self promoting myths surrounding Custer and his last stand and found an ego driven and ambitious glory seeker who led his men into disaster against seasoned advice from his companions. The myth of War Hero General George Armstrong Custer began to tarnish.

Self Identified War Hero Former Senator John McCain still holds an undeserved status as iconic hero in the public mind, but the image begins to tarnish every time Self Identified War Hero Former Senator John McCain returns to the public eye and more and more of those who know the real life traitor behind the myth find the courage to speak up and contest the popular narrative.

If those who worship at the shrine of Self Identified War Hero Former Senator John McCain wish to keep the myth alive, they might best be advised to remain silent about their bronze hero with feet of sawdust the next time his name comes up in public discussion else Self Identified War Hero Former Senator John McCain may find his reputation following in the path of former war hero General George Armstrong Custer.

Just sayin’.

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